Entitled parents in the wild are quite the encounter, but being related to them is even worse. It's hard to think about how these people became the way they are or why they act the way they do. At least there are people in the world who put them in their place. These users share the most entitled parent they've ever encountered.

She's A Handful
She's A Handful

"After purchasing my family's flight to an undisclosed Caribbean island for a much-needed family vacation I received a text from an entitled mother of my daughter's friend asking if 'I’m really going to take away' my daughter during her child’s graduation. A little background, our daughters are BFF’s, they’ve known each other for four years and met in school. Two years ago my daughter experienced a traumatic event at school and we were forced to remover her. My daughter was supposed to graduate with this woman's daughter. My daughter doesn’t even want to attend the graduation, it will just dredge up a lot of bad memories. So to get her mind off of all of her friends graduating without her we decided to take a trip that week.

Back to the text. Entitled mother dramatically tells me that her daughter is distraught, she’s crying uncontrollably and is inconsolable. She demands that we reschedule our vacation so that we can attend the graduation. She also mentions that her child is having her graduation party while we’re out of town. I politely tell her I didn’t know she had planned a party but our tickets are non refundable and we wouldn’t be there. She then goes off telling me that graduation is more important than our vacation. I get text after text from her about this. I just didn’t respond... this isn’t the first entitled moment I’ve had with this mom.

Last year she asked if she could move into our guest house with her family of 5 because we weren’t using it. It’s a studio with a kitchenette and a half bath. She was very upset when I declined. She’s awful."

Their Mother Is Way Too Entitled
Their Mother Is Way Too Entitled

"So first a little background. This happened about 3-4 years after I moved out of my parents house and have been living independently. Then one day I get this string of texts from my mom.

Mom: 'Hay, how have you been doing? What you up to two weeks from now?'

Me: 'I've been doing alright, I've started lifting weights and exercising more. I don't think I'm doing anything too exciting next week. Why you ask?'

Mom: 'Perfect! Are going on a trip and need you to house sit and watch the dogs for us.'

Me: 'Sorry but I can't just leave for a week.'

Mom: 'Please, the dogs miss you and I'd really hate to put them in the kennel.'

Me: 'Sorry but I have a job, I can't just go missing for a week.'

Mom: 'Why can't you drive to work from my house?'

Me: 'Because it's a 2.5hr commute each way.'

Mom: 'You have vacation days, right? Just use them.'

Me: 'No.'

Mom: 'Please. I'd feel awful about putting in the kennel. You know how much she hates it'

Me: 'You obviously don't feel that bad about doing it'

Then I hear nothing from her until the day before they have their trip.

Mom: 'Hey, we're leaving for our trip today and I was wondering when you were going to be here? I want to show you some things before we leave.'

Me: 'What part of our last conversation gave you any idea that I agreed to this?'

Mom: 'That's very rude of you and no way to speak to your mother. Now can we expect you here by 5?'

And at that point I just put my phone on silent and stopped talking to her."

Manipulative Mothers Are Crazy
Manipulative Mothers Are Crazy

"Little backstory: My husband and I have been best friends since middle school. We officially went out in 8th grade but his EM couldn't stand another woman having his attention (he's the baby of the family) so she told him to break up with me and disobedient kids will burn in the afterlife (she's very religious.) He was emotionally manipulated since then and it ended when we got married.

My husband has always been obedient to his parents. Never rebelled, grew up singing in church and always helped out at home. EM always got her way and is a showoff to her brothers and sister's because she'll emotionally manipulate my (now) husband to buy her designer things. Not gonna lie, he makes great money and has worked his way up his company. He gets it for her because he believed he's a bad son for not complying. He paid for 90% of her bills, bought her a new RV despite having a mortgage and 4 cars because, in her own words, it's always been her 'dream that we go camping as a family.' He also paid for her credit card debt and bought a $2000 couch when it was almost paid off (by my husband.) She also used the same credit card that my husband is paying off to have a vacation to Canada. She believes that because she is his mother who birthed him and now he 'owes her.' It got so bad that he still had a curfew at 22 despite paying almost all the bills in the house. We missed out on so many things because he had to be home at a certain time.

So when we announced that my husband and I were getting married, she disapproved because she knows she's no longer able to emotionally manipulate him if he doesn't live in her home. The day before our wedding, he tried to convince her again and she said no. He still went on with our wedding and we got our own place away from both parents. When we got married, I explained to him how he's being emotionally manipulated and he doesn't owe her for being born. He 'woke up' and realized all the things he has done for her and told her he's no longer giving her money because he's got his own family now and is still hurt that she didn't show up for our wedding. She subtly blames me because she had to get a second job to pay for the things my husband would usually pay for and that my husband would never visit her.

He also had panic attacks because he would get yelled at for staying late at work past his curfew. We're both in a great state mentally now despite the fact his mom still tries to stir drama. He gives her money here and there when she really needs it but that's about it."

What Was She Thinking!
What Was She Thinking!

"My boyfriend's cousin has 4 children. Each of her kids is the personification of the word 'bratty'. The said cousin refuses to discipline them and constantly makes excuses for their behavior. She's also very judgmental of our decision to not have children. She has often made some snide comments towards me, implying that I'm the selfish one who is depriving my bf of the "joys of raising children". For these reasons and for her generally entitled behavior, my boyfriend had cut ties with her.

However, when he and I visited his parental home three days ago for his parent's anniversary celebration, we ran into her again. My boyfriend's dad had urged him to use this occasion to mend bridges with the cousin. So we both tried to make nice and engaged in small talk with her. During our conversation, bf mentioned that we were leaving for Melbourne for vacation in a few days.

At this, cousin's eyes lit up. 'Oh that sounds like so much fun' she said, 'My husband and I haven't gone anywhere since our honeymoon.' She whined some more about how hard it is for them with 4 kids, if only they could afford such luxuries, etc. I could tell where this was going. My boyfriend probably felt sorry for her and, being the kind and generous soul that he is, offered to buy them a weekend in a resort in Mt. Abu (a hill station in the Indian state of Rajasthan).

Cousin (face scrunched up): 'That's nice, but why can't you just take us to Melbourne with you?'

BF (getting a bit annoyed, but still patient): 'Well, we want to spend some time alone together. Plus we'll be meeting some close friends there. Besides, Mt Abu is a beautiful place. Your kids will love it.'

Cousin (in the annoying 'Karen' tone): 'I still don't see why you can't take us to Australia. You're being so selfish, going on this great trip and sticking your family with a cheap weekend getaway.'

BF's Mom: 'He's making a very generous offer. Either take it or leave it.'

Cousin (wearing the expression that morons wear when they think they've had a bright idea): 'Oh I know! Why don't my husband and I go to Mt Abu and you can take our kids to Melbourne.'

Me: 'What???'

Cousin: 'It's a great idea. The kids can have fun in Melbourne with you two and my hubby and I can enjoy a peaceful weekend. This way the kids can actually spend some time with their uncle. You never make time for them!'

BF: 'I'm offering for the last time. It's either the weekend in Mt Abu or nothing at all. And why the heck would we ruin our vacation taking care of your kids?'

Cousin: 'How can you say that? My kids are so well-behaved. You'll have so much fun spending time with them. Besides, my husband and I could really use some quiet time together. You and her don't have any responsibilities. You have no idea how hard it is to raise 4 kids. You can afford this trip. I don't see why you won't share with family......'

BF: 'One more word and you're loosing my Mt Abu offer.'

On hearing this the cousin shut her trap. We all had dinner together and she was mercifully quiet. If only her kids had followed her example.

You'd think this would be the end of it, but NO! We had seriously underestimated her dedication to her Karen-ness. This morning, cousin showed up at my apartment with the kids in tow. I was shocked to see her of course and asked if something was wrong. She smiled and said 'I'm just here to drop the kids off. You're leaving tonight right?'

After taking a second to recover from the shock I asked 'Did you fall and hit your head on something? We told you we weren't taking your kids with us. What part of that did you not understand.'

She then tried to convince me that my boyfriend had called her later on and had agreed to take her kids. I knew this was bull and called it as such.

Cousin became enraged and asked if I was going to break her kids' heart, why would I break our promise and how boyfriend and I could be so cold. I called my boyfriend and after telling him what was going on I turned on the speaker.

My boyfriend proceeded to chew her out brutally, telling her she he would no longer pay for their weekend getaway and that this is exactly the kind of behavior that had made him cut ties with her. She tried to get a word in but he wouldn't let her.

Cousin took her kids and stormed off. Bf and I are having a laugh over this and are still wondering what made her think that this plan would ever work."

And The Worst Mom Award Goes To...
And The Worst Mom Award Goes To...

"A friend of mine married a physically beautiful woman. The first time we all had dinner together, I remember thinking how lucky he was. She was very quiet, but she really seemed to be in love with him. They had a baby soon after they got married. That's when everything changed.

My friend loved being a father. He got up with the baby (a little girl), he took her to all of her check ups and posted constant pictures and updates to share her little life with all of us online. When their daughter was six months old, his wife cheated on him with one of his employees. When he confronted her, she said that he would have to decide who would be first in his life, their daughter or her. She said she couldn't be with someone who didn't put her first. He pretty much sold his soul to her.

From that point on, she was first in everything. She didn't like having relatives around, so she cut off her family contact and had him do the same. He had a very close family and a huge group of friends, but he distanced himself from everyone. His family was devastated. We would see his life via Facebook. One day he posted that their daughter (now eleven years old) had been invited to join her classmates on a trip to Disneyland. He was excited for her and shared memories of his own experiences at Disneyland when he was her age.

His wife chimed in and wrote a comment that stays with me to this day, 'I haven't been to Disneyland! She doesn't get to see it before I do!'

Their daughter didn't go to Disneyland and I never forgot her message. No child of hers would be allowed to do anything that she hadn't done herself. It summed up her selfishness. The message translated this way in my mind, 'You won't have anything in life that I don't have first. Who cares what you want. Only my happiness matters.'"

Think Before You Speak
Think Before You Speak

"I've seen lots of selfish acts, but none that shocked me like this one.

My wife found out that her best friend of 34 years was in stage 4 ovarian cancer for the second time. Her numbers indicated she had only months to live and there was going to be no chemo this time around.

My mother-in-law, who had been sharing a family cell phone plan with my wife's friend to save money was in the room when we found out the horrible news. The first words out of her mouth were 'What does this mean for my cell phone plan?'

I knew my mother-in-law had been a selfish, neglectful, narcissistic parent, but this was by far the most callously selfish response to the news of someone's impending death I had ever imagined from a family member."

A Beach Bummer
A Beach Bummer

"I recently traveled to a beach town to visit relatives. I’m there so often quite a few people think I’m a local. Both locals and tourists are pretty good at respecting personal space and won’t sit right next to for in front/behind you. In my 20+ years of making multiple visits per year I have never had a problem with tourists...until my most recent visit.

I get to the beach early, like at 8:30 am, and I set up my chair and umbrella. There are maybe 5 other families already set up for the day, so there’s no one within a 100-foot radius of me. For the next hour and a half I’m blissfully enjoying an audiobook, and a handful of other people show up. The entire beach is still empty. All of a sudden I feel a tap on my shoulder, thinking it was my relatives deciding to join me. Nope.

It was an incredibly obese, trashy-looking woman, in her late thirties/early forties, standing over me. Behind her was about 12 other people who appeared to have packed up their entire house and were lugging in through the sand. She’s EP.

EP: 'Excuse me but you’re in our spot.'

Me: 'What spot?'

EP: 'This is our spot. My family is staying at the hotel over there and we’ve been sitting in this spot for the last four days. You need to move.'

Me: 'No I don’t. I was here first.'


Me, knowing that not a single hotel reserves spots or parts of the beach for guests: 'Ok, well go get someone from the hotel to move me. If you can find someone I’ll gladly move.'


Me: 'There is literally miles of open beach. Pick a spot and enjoy your vacation.'


So she and the rest of the family plop their stuff down literally 10 feet to the left of me, despite the entire beach still being open. For the next hour I pretend to be asleep listening to my audiobook but instead I’m listening to EP. Every word out of her mouth is how much of a witch I am, how it was so inconvenient that she had to carry her stuff an extra 10 feet, etc. I was overjoyed when the lifeguard kicked her and rest of the equally trashy adults in her group off the beach for refusing to put out their smokes."

One Bad Dad.
One Bad Dad.

"My mother was in a coma and dying from cancer. My father asked my sister and me to designate him my mother's guardian. This he said would give him access to her money for paying for our maternal grandmother's sitter. We agreed. We shouldn't have.

When I arrived at the lawyer office, there was a second paragraph on the contract I didn't understand. I ruminated over whether to sign it for around a half hour. I was afraid that if I didn't sign it, I would have to deal with an angry father and sister. I really didn't expect my father to perpetrate fraud, so I decided to trust my dad and signed it.

A couple of months after my mom died, my sister and I started talking about the contract. She mentioned that she didn't understand the second paragraph either. She went to city hall and took a look at the contract. She and I had signed away our rights to the money my mom had left us. This was over $20,000 each.

We hired an attorney and threatened my father with a lawsuit. Since he didn't want people to know that he was being sued by his children, he agreed to pay us what he owed us."

Addiction Is Real
Addiction Is Real

"It makes me sad to write this.

Over the past few years, my family has experienced several financial hardships. Yet, last year I witnessed the most selfish act that I've ever known.

My father is a smoker (although he doesn't like to admit this in any respect). We were living off food parcels from the Food Bank, despite my Mum working her hardest, and my Dad desperately applying for employment.

My Mum had $7 or so left in her purse. That was all that was left until her next payday four days away. That money would have provided just enough to buy food for these days (to go alongside her copious amounts of pasta and potatoes). The day my Mum was due to go shopping, she woke up to find her purse empty. No one had any idea as to where the money had gone and all three of us searched everywhere. We were resigned it was gone.

Later that evening, I saw my Dad return from the shops and asked him where he'd been. He brushed me off and went outside in the garden. I went up to my bedroom. I'm an asthmatic, so whenever I smell smoke, I start coughing. I went downstairs to investigate...and that's when it all came out.

You see, my Dad, so desperate for smokes and too embarrassed to go to the GP to ask for more patches or to call the NHS helpline for smokers, decided to steal the final £7 that we had to feed our family (myself, my Mum, my Dad, my Nan, and our dog) for four days, and took the entirety of the money for himself. I lost all respect for him that day and am devastated that this has happened at least four times since.

In the end, he really enjoyed his smokes, even though we didn't enjoy the plain pasta."

They Weren't Allowed To Grieve
They Weren't Allowed To Grieve

"When I was twelve, my dad died. I have five siblings and we ranged at the time from seven years old to eighteen. The eldest was leaving for college that week, but came back and spent the year at home at my mom's request.

Before Dad had been dead a whole month, my mom started sort-of dating a sort-of homeless guy (he had been homeless and then was living in an RV on someone's property as their caretaker) my family had helped before (we volunteered for years prior to this at the local homeless shelter).

A month. Our father had died of unexpected of complications from heart attacks just a month prior.

We four youngest didn't know what was going on at first and she didn't let our older two siblings know. All we knew was that almost every night mom would have us get in the van. She'd be in her pajamas and robe and we'd drive down to his place. She'd send us to go play in the yard while she 'said goodnight' and 'ministered' to him.

Eventually, she'd come out with a crud-eating smirk, load us up in the van, and drive back home.

Less than two months after that, she moved him into the house and started claiming they were married to everyone. (They weren't.)

Why was this so incredibly selfish? Because we weren't allowed to grieve anymore after that. We all had to be happy because mom had a new boyfriend-then-husband and we all felt like we couldn't even talk about Dad anymore. Mom still talked about him but only to force our good behavior. For example, 'You are all such terrible children! Your father wanted you to be raised this way and I've sacrificed so much for you...!'

He wasn't even a good stepdad. He could have been worse, sure, but he'd fight with mom then storm out of the house and she'd blame it on us.

Less than six months after my dad died he and my mom went on a drive and left me to change a curtain rod. I was still twelve and very small for my age. I couldn't reach the curtain rod. I tried, hard, but I kept falling off the back of the couch. They got back and saw that I hadn't done it, so the step-dad kept saying to me 'Hah, I knew you were useless.' while laughing and repeating it over and over like it was hilarious.

I lost my temper and said 'You're just a fat old man!' (he was 13 years older than my mom, so he seemed quite elderly to me). He, in front of my mother who had been laughing at his denigration of my handyman attempts, grabbed me, shook me hard, and screamed in my face 'You stupid little brat!' and stormed out of the house.

Mom then spanked me for trying to ruin her marriage.

I just wanted my dad back, but I couldn't even say that because what if it made the step-dad feel bad?"

Selfish Tragedy
Selfish Tragedy

"I was the resident pianist at my local Marriott between September 2004 and September 2005. That means I was there when the tsunami struck with cataclysmic force. We were one of the lucky hotels, suffering no loss of life between staff and guests. The beach was destroyed, as was the swimming pool just behind it. The pool and pool area was therefore closed until necessary repairs were carried out. Also cancelled was the New Year's Eve Gala in the Grand Ballroom. It's a little difficult to celebrate in any form when, literally hundreds of thousands of people died within a couple of hours of each other. That is, with the exception of one family.

On the 3rd of January, I was in the lobby bar at the piano during the quiet lunchtime, practicing a new song that had been requested by a guest but was not in my repertoire. The lobby bar was within earshot of the reception area, and I heard some commotion going on and stopped playing. An American gentleman was checking out and raising his voice at the receptionist, demanding to speak to someone with authority. He was complaining about the pool being closed and the New Year's Eve ball being cancelled. The front office manager took over but couldn't reason with the guy. It escalated until eventually the general manager stepped in.

He, like his staff before, tried to reason with the guest, but still no luck. The guest wanted a substantial discount in his bill, citing that the hotel didn't offer services as advertised when he'd booked his holiday. The general manager, knowing that thousands of people (Mothers, Fathers, Grandparents and children) had perished within a radius of just a few miles from us, informed the guest that he would not be discounting his bill by a single dollar. He also told the guest that none of the hotel's cars would be driving the family to the airport because he would not have him mistreating another member of his staff.

The Marriott sits on its own land, and from the hotel lobby to the nearest road is about one mile. The guest and his family were left with no choice but to walk it with their luggage and flag down a normal taxi. It angers me to this day that anyone can be so selfish during a time of so much tragedy."

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