Look, the whole world feels a little upside-down right now. So why not check out a place that is literally upside-down? According to Insider, you're in luck if you're in South Africa. The Upside-Down House is part tourist attraction and part art installation. It is a detailed replica of a house you would probably see in a lot of neighborhoods (albeit more vibrant), except for the fact that the whole thing is upside-down. Check out the images below of a surreal location that actually exists:

According to the house's website, The Upside-Down House is, "A 'world' turned upside down. The birth of the inspirational idea of this ingenious 'house' became real by the reflection of a peculiar presence, which in the existing world might sometimes feel upside down."

Admission is surprisingly cheap, at just about $5 admission for adults wanting to check it out. It must be an exceptionally odd feeling, walking into a room where literally every detail isn't where it should be. At the very least, it would make for some unique selfies for social media. It's designed to disrupt a person's everyday experiences, incorporating an element of playfulness into what otherwise may be a dreary day. The website doesn't feature much more description on the site. It's ultimately up to the viewer to determine the meaning behind this effort, how they interact with the piece, or whether there is any inherent meaning to it at all.

While there is already so much excitement for this project, those looking to visit should definitely pause any travel plans or ideas they have. In our current climate, it's imperative that people become familiar with how to protect oneself from the coronavirus. Expert sources, such as the World Health Organization, are providing scientifically verified suggestions and updates on the current state of events. We here at Kabazi hope you can stay safe, stay comfortable at home, and wash your hands often.