The National Aquarium of New Zealand features over 1,500 animals from at least 50 different species, but it's the aquarium's penguins who have been getting all of the attention lately. However, these birds are receiving worldwide recognition and ridicule not on being super cute, but on account of their not so good behavior.

It all started in the summer of 2017 when aquarium staff introduced the "Naughty Penguin of the Month" and "Good Penguin of the Month" boards above penguins enclosure, as noted in a series of tweets by English comedian and writer JohnnyWaistcoat.

Over the past year, Johnny has become a mainstay on social media because of his updates of the penguins' behavior, but no one is as a star as Timmy, the penguin who just can't seem to stay out of trouble.

Johnny, the aquarium, and Twitter as a whole have all been having fun at the expense of these penguins and their mischief, but how could you not when the penguins continue to misbehave?

At some point over the past year, Timmy changed his ways before finding himself on the "Good Penguin of the Month" board after he learned how to both eat in the water and become a stronger swimmer.

But we can't escape our past and Timmy is no exception as he was punished for his past sins when he was pushed into the water by Tux, the new jerk on the block.

I mean... look at this guy. As if pushing penguins into the water wasn't bad enough, Tux also attempted to steal one of Mo's girlfriends at some point throughout the year. I think he's the new resident bad boy of the National Aquarium of New Zealand.

But maybe Mo deserves to have one of his girlfriend's ripped from his grasp after he perfected the art of stealing fish from other penguins... sometimes directly out of their mouth.

I guess he does deserve the rotten treatment on account of being "outright obnoxious" in the eyes of aquarium staff.

All the shame and shade aside, I think the National Aquarium of New Zealand could take advantage of its newfound fame with the penguins and introduce a new reality show, or at least a webcam feed of the "Bad Boys Club of the National Aquarium of New Zealand."