There's nothing quite like a sibling relationship. They love each other to death, while also being each other's worst enemy at times. It's confusing, to say the least. However, if one thing's for certain, it's that a sibling will forever and always uphold a promise. Especially if it's meant to annoy them. Mendl Weinstock is a perfect example of this, as he brought a llama to his sister's wedding, according to a Buzzfeed News article.

This all started five years ago, when the family was on a road trip from Ohio to Indiana. Weinstock's sister, Riva, was talking about how excited she was to get married. When her brother jokingly stated he would not be in attendance, Riva became irate and told him he was being a poor brother. So, the two compromised, and Mendl said we would go if he got to bring a llama to her wedding. Riva agreed, not believing it would happen. Five years later at her wedding, it did.

Mendl was able to rent the llama, Shocky, from a local llama farm. One of Mendl's coworkers even sewed him a tuexdo for the occasion.

Riva didn't actually believe her brother would follow through on the five-year promise. When she saw Shocky, she was surprised. However, she was a good sport about it and even took a few photos with him.

At the very least, this made for a wedding no one will forget soon.