When high schoolers all across the country couldn't go to their proms, John Krasinski brought their proms to them. Last Friday, the Some Good News host threw a virtual prom night and acted as the DJ on his YouTube channel, according to a CNN article. Although it wasn't the same as the prom they originally wanted, there were still some special guests

Fellow The Office alum, Rainn Wilson, Billie Eilish, Chance The Rapper and the Jonas Brothers all stopped by to join in on the fun, and even perform a couple of songs. Participating seniors were ecstatic to see the famous faces, and celebrated the special evening in their own way.

In Braintree, Massachusetts, Jake Schindler assumed he would be missing out on his senior prom. When he saw John Krasinski was hosting a prom, he was all too excited to dress up. He even helped his eight-year-old brother, Jaxson, get dolled up for the occasion, and the two danced the night away.

Jenna Bernhard, a senior in Houston, Texas, was also understandably saddened by the loss of her senior prom. After hearing about the virtual prom, she FaceTimed in with her best friend, and together they danced the night away while enjoying the Jonas Brothers.

Although Fatema Badshah graduated from high school a couple of years ago, that didn't stop her from attending. She tuned in, and was able to relive her high school prom experience.

Even though these high schoolers didn't attend the prom they were expecting to have, it was still unforgettable.