Cheaters never change, but they do get caught. Twelve people share how they caught their significant others in the act.

He Was The Other Man
He Was The Other Man

"I met this girl who was working the late shift at a store. We'd flirted a few times, eventually exchanged numbers, and started sleeping together. After a few weeks, she invited me to go drinking at this crummy little bar she liked in the north side of the city. So we spend the night dancing together, drinking, and talking to people she knows. Eventually a guy comes up to me, saying, 'Great to meet you finally! Congratulations on the engagement!'

'What are you talking about?!' I replied, laughing as I choked on my drink a bit.

Guy gives me a quizzical look, and says, 'You're here with Corrie. It's Paul, right!?'

I raised an eyebrow and pointed a thumb to my chest, stating, 'Nah man, name's Kyle.' We stared at each other, watching each other realize what was playing out on this faithful night.

Corrie was engaged to a guy named Paul, I was the other guy. Paul worked out of town for weeks at a time.

It was actually interesting, how you literally could see the word travel around the small bar, drastically changing the vibe in the room. We left shortly after.

She brought me, the guy she was cheating on her fiancé with, to her favorite bar. She brought me to a place full of friends that at least knew her well enough to know she was engaged to a guy named Paul, not Kyle.

Messed up stuff. Didn't see her again after that.

According to socials, Paul and Corrie are currently married."

How Could He Stay?
How Could He Stay?

"Not me, my dad.

He told me the story a few years back.

So, some of my mom’s family were visiting from out of town, and they had planned a night at the bingo, which my dad couldn’t attend because he was working 6 pm to 2 am.

He finished work early and on his way home, saw my babysitter on the street and asked why they weren't with me. My babysitter said his wife called around 8 pm, saying she wasn’t feeling well and that she would stay home.

My dad drove home, tried the front door. Locked, no lights. He entered the house by the basement door. Went up the stairs. Heard them, a few feet away. My mom. And her cousin.

Two years later, he almost left her (with me in tow), but stayed, so I could have a normal life. Most of the time, I wish he’d left, because he wouldn’t have worked 90 to 100 hours a week to avoid being home, and could’ve been happier.

My mom had a longtime affair with her cousin, starting before she met my dad. She wasn’t happy either I think, but my dad was a good catch. Yes, I’m sure he is my dad (we look so much the same), yes they are still together, and after a year of being angry, I decided to let go, because their relationship has nothing to do with me. Just sad for both of them."

Killing Two Relationships With One Stone
Killing Two Relationships With One Stone

"Not my relationship, but my boyfriend’s mom took me out to lunch to get to know me better. We really kicked it off and had a great lunch. She had to run home because she forgot to grab a gift for a shower we had to attend after, and we found her husband with the neighbor on the couch. She was mortified and never the same around me again. Her son and I split because of that (he didn’t think his dad was wrong because his mom gained weight) so I never found out what happened."

It's Almost Always The Best Friend
It's Almost Always The Best Friend

"Not mine but my brother. He was at a small party with two friends and his wife. He got tired and wanted to head home. His wife stayed behind, she gave some lame excuse and begged off going with him. It was alright, he thought. His best buddy was there and would make sure she got home safe for him.

He got in his car. Pulled out of the driveway. Before he could get on down the block he checked his rear view and noticed the room in the house they were all in had gone dark.

He'd suspected for a time something was up with her. They had a child together. She died at the sitter's house. It was ruled SIDS. She had grown colder in the months after the baby died. He never really thought anything like what he was about to see was actually possible. It was a more deep-seated feeling that something was up, but she never let him in, and they didn't work through the loss together. Seeing the lights out crystallized the situation for him, and he turned right around.

The house was dark. The front door was still unlocked. He walked right to the only room with any light. He opened the door to find his best friend and another 'acquaintance' in the bed with his soon to be ex."

Not The Homecoming They Expected
Not The Homecoming They Expected

"Early 2000s, my friend's husband was deployed to Iraq. Together, they had a 10-year-old son and a happy marriage. One day, while he was deployed, I was at home when another one of our friends called and screamed, 'Turn on the news right now!'

I turned it on to watch a human interest story about a fundraiser at a high school 30 miles away. They were holding a Relay for Life or something, and as a 'surprise' to one of the participants, they had her 'husband' and father of her two grade school children do a video call from Iraq, and displayed it on the football jumbo-tron.

There on our local news was my friend's husband, telling another woman and two kids how he loved them and couldn't wait to get back home to them. The news ate it up, about what a great guy he was. That night, our group of friends convened and decided how we would tell her. I was nominated, so the next day I had to sit her down and tell her what we saw. She called the news station, and they were happy to let her come in and watch the story. They were also incredibly apologetic.

Story has a somewhat crummy ending, I'm afraid. She called him out, they started divorce proceedings, and he went on to legally marry the mother of his other kids, and mostly ignored his son from the first marriage."

Family Matters
Family Matters

"My dad was born in the Philippines, and would go once a year for two weeks or so for a golf tournament. I remember these two weeks every year would absolutely suck because I wasn’t as close with my mom back then. Anyways fast-forward to when I was 10, my parents were in the process of splitting up and I found these weird baby pictures and huge group family photos of a wedding on the family computer (I was the main user of the computer) and was just sitting there not sure what to think. I showed my mom, I put two and two together, and we just sat there hugging each other crying for a solid hour.

It turns out my dad has had a family with about six or seven kids that were older AND younger than me, with the oldest being eight years older than me. My mom and I were the second family. The person he had that family with? His first cousin. He’s now married to that person and over the years he’s used my mom’s credit to pay off his gambling debts, pay to bring his kids over to the states slowly, and even had the nerve to use my mom’s savings to pay for his wedding in the Philippines while they were still married."

The Ultimate One Liner
The Ultimate One Liner

"My ex was having computer problems and wanted to go on her social media on my phone. No problem but I made her use Safari, so I wouldn’t have to log out of the app. A couple of days later I was closing tabs on my phone and her Facebook still open. I saw she was chatting with her ex John. It turns out they banged in our bed and were gonna go out on a date soon.

So in the messages he asked she 'wear something nice' in the messages. I’m not the jealous type, so I left it for a couple days. After a couple days go by, she wanted to get intimate. Well we were kissing and getting hot and heavy. I whispered in her ear 'don’t forget John wants you to wear something nice on your date Saturday.'

The look of horror in her eyes was magical.

I put my shirt on and started walking out as she was crying and saying she was sorry."

A Snowball Of Lies
A Snowball Of Lies

"My boyfriend at told me he was helping his grandma, who he lived with, redo her bathroom because she'd fallen ill and was stressed about her bathroom not being finished that day.

Sure man no problem. I was at work anyway or I would have helped.

My mom took my brothers out to a restaurant an hour later and walked in to see my then boyfriend sucking face and acting quite inappropriate with a girl I worked with who claimed she hated him for a ton of reasons.

He told my mom she was his sick grandma. She agreed that she was. She was 22 in a halter top and jeans and honestly wasn't bad looking. My mom called him out then called me. I finished work, went to my apartment and gathered his belongings, bagged em up and politely dropped them off to his grandma who had no idea what happened. I laughed and said my man went on a date without me.

My ex and I are both men so the woman in the equation threw me for a loop. But ya know, it happens sometimes. I'm only mad that he lied and that she knew we were dating the entire time. She actually told me she 'had fun being the other person' because it meant she didn't have to commit to anyone."

There's Always A Luke
There's Always A Luke

"My first long-term girlfriend and I were going to go to the same college. I got accepted, but had to start the semester after she did, meaning we would be slightly long-distance for a few months.

It wasn't too bad because we were only about two hours apart so it was pretty easy to visit, but our relationship did struggle a bit. I remember one night I got a phone call from her and when I picked up it was obvious it was a butt dial. I could hear her talking to some guy, but couldn't make out what they were saying. I called her, and she picked up and I asked what was up? She said she was in bed about to go sleep. I told her about the butt dial, and she said it was her friend Jack, who I met asking to borrow something. I thought it was odd but brushed it off.

A couple weeks later I was up there visiting her and I met a bunch of cool people, including this guy Luke. After I got back from visiting I got a Facebook message from him saying, 'Look man, I hate to be the one to say this, but I think you're an awesome guy and you don't deserve this to be happening to you. She's been cheating on you with this guy pretty soon after she started here.'

I was devastated, but I had to hear it from her, so I called her and said, 'Are you cheating on me?' She gave a heavy sigh and said, 'Well, at least I don't have to lie anymore.' That guy's voice I had heard wasn't Jack, it was the guy she was cheating on me with, I just trusted her so much that I took her word for it.

Even though it was painful, I was grateful for Luke sending me that message. What's funny is that most of the people I met up there that were her friends sided with me after the break up, so when I started going there that next semester I had a group of friends to support me and most of them are still very close friends of mine to this day."

Wasn't He Supposed To Be Overseas?
Wasn't He Supposed To Be Overseas?

"My dad worked overseas when we were young, he was in the oil industry. Standard stuff: six weeks on, two weeks off. Been doing the gig for years.

Anyway whilst he was supposed to be overseas, my mom was driving down the motorway one day, passed a car and looked in to see my dad and another woman, looking like any normal couple. She freaked out and put her foot down and drove home.

This was before the days of cell phones, so there was no way of contacting him, as he was clearly not in the office. He was due back in a few days, so she waited and had it out with him when he came home. It was like World War 3. He bolted after that.

Cheers, Dad."

At Least He Got The Dog
At Least He Got The Dog

"I lived with my girlfriend our last year of university. We had an apartment. We only had one side table next to our bed, and we had two chargers to charge our phones. So the suspicion obviously started when she didn’t charge her phone at night anymore and kept her phone on her side of the bed.

Then she started getting agitated when we were supposed to get to a mutual friend's house, but we weren’t getting there fast enough. Then his name just kept popping up on her phone. When I questioned her, I was told, 'We’re planning your birthday. Don’t ruin it.'

Then one day she was not home, and I go out on the balcony and I could see his house from there. Her car was parked there. I called and asked where she was. I was told she was on campus and might just stay at her office on campus for the night.

She moved out very shortly after. I kept the dog we had just gotten. I still have the dog today. She’s the only good thing to have come out of that relationship."

It's A Small World Afterall
It's A Small World Afterall

"It was 1999, and I was pregnant with my second child. I went to a pottery party with about 15 other ladies. I knew one of them.

We were talking about our birth stories and one girl mentioned how she was on a date on the 4th of July and his ‘sister-in-law’ went into labor. He was hammered, ignoring the pager, finally had enough coffee to haul off on his Harley to the hospital at around 5 am. She mentioned his beautiful blue eyes and tattoos.

Meanwhile, my friend and I were looking at each other with crazy eyes because that was MY birth story with my first baby. I asked the girl if his name was Jack. She said yes. I said that wasn’t his sister-in-law, that was his wife and that’s me. She lost it. She had no clue he was married. She cried and apologized but swore she never saw him again. I asked if they hooked up. She covered her face and sobbed. I hugged her and went home. He lied. So. Hard.

A week later he was stabbed by our neighbor and nearly died. Months of rehab, I have two children. We got a massive settlement from the stabbing (6 figures) and he spent all of it. I filed for divorce on our child's first birthday. Today my older son is in the Army and his younger brother is just as awesome. Jack is still a turd. Whew."

They Laid Their Trap And Waited For Him To Take The Bait
They Laid Their Trap And Waited For Him To Take The Bait

"Back in my teens, I was going out with my friends in this bar where we always hung out in and one of my friends brought another girl into our group. I started chatting to her and we clicked instantly.

We talked about each other's lives, school, hobbies, and then we got to boyfriends. The more we were each describing our boyfriend, the weirder it got. 'Ha, that's funny. What a coincidence!' We didn't have smartphones back then to show pictures, but we soon realized that we were talking about the exact same guy, who has been playing both of us for a few months. She set up a date, and we both appeared holding hands. He was mortified.

Bless teen drama!"

The Ultimate Plot Twist
The Ultimate Plot Twist

"He said he was going to his best friend's house.

I went to the mall to buy him a Christmas gift.

I saw him there on a coffee date.

I texted him saying, 'Why were you at the mall with another guy?'

He said, 'It was an old friend, no need to worry' (Like an idiot, I let it go, despite not really believing him).

Next week, he broke up with me, and said the guy at the mall was a terrible first date, but he's been dating someone else for about a month and wanted to pursue him..... so he cheated on me with two people. He also said 'You'll never be 6'3, muscular, and manly, and that's what I want so... its over.'

(The guy he left me for was all of those things.)


The guy he left me for broke up with him after another month or so.

The same guy he left me for matched with me online.

We've been dating for nearly two years now. So now I'm in the best relationship ever, and I have exactly who he wanted. Mind you, I truly love my boyfriend for who he is, how he makes me feel, and all he's accomplished... but this whole situation is just the icing on the cake!"

That's Certainly One Way Of Ruining The Company Dynamic
That's Certainly One Way Of Ruining The Company Dynamic

"When I was 4, I had a babysitter. She was a work friend of my mom's. Once or twice while she was babysitting me, she had a 'friend' over to 'help out.' He was a super nice dude who liked to play SNES with me.

A few days after one of the nights she had watched me, I was sick and my mom had to take me in to work with her. I saw the girl who babysat me while I was there and very loudly asked, 'When are you and [Guy Friend's Name] going to come see me again?' I was completely ignorant to the fact that her long-time boyfriend worked in the next cubicle over from her.

Needless to say, cool SNES guy was not her boyfriend. Apparently, I caused a rather massive social explosion at the company as a result of the fallout from the ensuing fight, where many tens of thousands of dollars worth of expensive office equipment were trashed and five people were fired and another three resigned. I guess her flings extended quite a bit beyond one case of infidelity.

I'd be lying if I said I'm not a little proud of the outcome."

Hopefully The Fifth Time Is A Charm
Hopefully The Fifth Time Is A Charm

"All my exes in my short adult life, have cheated on me, I have caught all of them.

First - In college, this girl I was seeing was still pretty close with her ex from high school and described him as a womanizer/cheater. They would hang out sometimes to catch up, grab drinks, whatever, but I never got good vibes from him. I expressed my feelings of discomfort but didn’t wanna taint the relationship because of my bad feeling. Two years later, I found her sleeping with him and learned that she had been for the three years we were together.

Second - Girl I met online - too busy to go out and meet new people - pretty solid chemistry. Kinda hippy-ish but grounded. Started becoming distant. Posted on her social media with her new man at a show I couldn’t go to. Confronted her, and she said she wasn’t 'looking for a relationship' any longer but was in one a week after we stopped being in one with this dude. Bought her very nice and expensive seat for her favorite band for her birthday - I went instead.

Third - Probably hurt the worst. Ex from high school I broke up with due to college and distance, I really liked her. We rekindled our relationship a few years later, picked up where we left off. At a point I was going through a really dark time in my head and life and just loved having her around but was sort of distant. A buddy of mine took her to a show (for me - was in California for family) and lost her in the crowd as she went and met some new people. Fast forward a month, she got trashed with this guy she met at this show and started sending me pictures of them doing it. Started 'playfully' with her neck coated in hickeys then escalated to no holds bar. She tried to make amends the next day after I blew up her phone that night. My buddy still feels like it’s his fault we ended though I’ve told him it’s not.

Fourth - Online dating again. We met over her winter break for college. Punk-ish, 'rebellious' hipster type. She went back, and we talked every night, video chat, whatever. She brought up how she wanted to me my girlfriend, and she’d be lucky to have me as a boyfriend. I was hesitant because distance and my past, but sure. Plan on her coming back for spring break, but she was 'sick' and ended up hooking up with a dude who happened to be her dealer. I found out because she posted on her story about him taking a shot from between her chest and making out with her. Confronted her about it and basically came down to the shrug reaction.

Moral of the story: Think before you post on social media. It’ll come back to bite you (as I post on social media)."

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