Whether someone believes it's the universe or a higher power or a weird intuition, these people immediately sense the danger surrounding them. It came out of nowhere and completely disrupted their lives, but these lucky few received some sort of warning of even more startling events to come. Content has been edited for clarity.

Mysterious Three Knocks
Mysterious Three Knocks

"I should be dead right now. My three best friends should have joined me. It was a Saturday evening in August 1993. I borrowed my mom's car and picked up my three best friends. One of my buddies heard about a creepy graveyard that he suggested we check out. We drove to the graveyard that had graves dating back to the 1700s. At the top of the hill, there stood a statue of an angel that had a reputation. It was rumored that if you circle the statue thrice while saying 'Mother Mary', a ghost would appear. We tried the ritual and absolutely nothing happened. We checked out some headstones but quickly got bored. What could four teenage boys with a full tank of gas and poor decision-making abilities do on this August night?

I came up with the idea to burn donuts in a nearby field that had gone to seed years ago. The thick grass stood 6 feet tall. The car that we were driving in was a compact hatchback. Visibility ended about 6 inches in front of the bumper. What could possibly go wrong? We piled into the car and spent 20 minutes plowing grass, yanking the handbrake and drifting sideways. I kept the speed around 70 km/h. We giggled like sugar-buzzed toddlers the whole time. With no desire to stop abusing my poor mother's car for the next hour, I was suddenly startled by THREE ABRUPT KNOCKS on the bottom of the car. Not wanting to rip the exhaust off or worse, I stopped the car to look for damage.

The grass was so thick that I was forced to shoulder-check the driver's door open. I poked my head under the car. I couldn't see any rocks, roots, or any damage. I waded through the thick grass to the rear of the car. Again, no damage or debris found. I was relieved that the exhaust was intact. I had to know what the source of the knocking was though. Walking the tracks left by the car yielded no clues to the source of the knocking. I found no ruts, rocks or logs. SOMETHING caused that noise. Maybe something is caught in the radiator? Something in the fan belt? I forced my way through the thick grass to the front of the car. I leaned down to look for SOMETHING caught in the radiator. The moment I leaned over, my left foot slipped. Suddenly I found myself sliding down a slope. I slid to the bottom of a MASSIVE DRAINAGE DITCH! The ditch was 25 feet across and 12 feet deep. The August sun had baked the clay as hard as concrete. I had stopped the car 12 inches from the edge with ZERO idea what was in front of me. I was perfectly square to the ditch.

Had I not stopped, I would have hit the opposite side of the ditch at 70+ km/h. The trajectory would have been perfectly square and would have been similar to driving into a concrete wall. I should have killed myself and my three best friends that night.

I never found the source of the three knocks."

The House Fought Back
The House Fought Back

"I’ve had a few. But the one that sticks out happened about ten years ago, as my wife and I were house hunting. We had a very good idea of the kind of house we wanted, and one of the houses that came up on the list was a house built in the early fifties, here in San Jose, CA. Our realtor was kind enough to leave the back door open for us, to take a look at the property. It wasn't until we descended the narrow steps to the lower floor, that I noticed something was awful about the house. As my foot touched the floor of the lower level of the house, the small hairs on my arms, neck, and back, began to tingle. I felt a very strong presence, as if someone was yelling in my face to GET OUT OF THEIR HOUSE. Without saying a word to my wife, I turned on my heels, grabbed my wife’s hand and started to basically drag her up the stairs. At the same time I was experiencing this feeling of someone yelling in my right ear, at the top of their lungs to GET OUT OF HIS HOUSE. I’m sure if there was a physical capability to harm me, this thing would have done so.

As I reached the top of the stairs, I saw the door to the backyard immediately in front of me. Without missing a beat, I continued to drag my wife non-stop, until we were outside the home. As soon as we left the house, we no longer felt the presence. I hunched over, with my hands on my knees, as I took a deep breath. My wife looked at me and said, 'Did you feel that?!'

I looked at her and said, 'You did too?'

She said, 'Yeah, it felt as if someone was yelling at us and pushing us to get out of the house!' I could not believe my wife had the same experience as I did. Well, obviously, we lost any interest in the house, and started our walk around the side of the house, to get to our car, in the driveway. We made it to my car and I walked her to the passenger side. As I opened her car door, we felt the presence again. We both turned around slowly, and looked at the third story window. We could feel a dark. angry entity, waiting for us to completely exit the premises. We both stood staring up at that window for about a minute, astounded by the sheer energy, and anger, the spirit possessed. After that encounter, we have never set foot, on that property, and will never do so."

Her Conscious Knew What Had Happened
Her Conscious Knew What Had Happened

"It happened in a home I cleaned with another fellow cleaner. She was one of my dearest friends, and I learned almost everything I know from her. When we got to the home, there was nothing about it that raised any red flags. We went inside, I thought it was a little odd that Christa was having a conversation with the homeowner, on account of we weren't supposed to talk to the clients personally, other than the few polite sentences printed in the employee manual.

I decided to crank out the huge master bathroom after strategically communicating our game plan, Christa agreed to start in the kitchen. As soon as Christa left my side, I instantly felt something was wrong. I could literally feel eyes all over me and the word MURDER kept coming up in the back of my head. I can literally still visualize the word when I was looking at a white wall I swear I saw it in a weird haze. I was terrified. I couldn't even make the master bed without Christa. I asked her to help me make it, and my excuse was that making bed is always easier with two people. Something felt so wrong about it. It made me so nauseous.

I cleaned two of the three of the daughter's bedrooms. Each room kept getting worse as I went from youngest to oldest. Christa cleaned the third and I met her in the oldest daughter's room. When we finished, I was loading up the car and I overheard Christa saying, 'God bless you' and, 'God bless your family', which is way outside the parameters of what we should be saying to any client. Then she HUGGED him! My entire being was super confused.

When she got in my car, I asked her what that was all about. I'll never forget her response. 'That man there and his three daughters are pillars of strength. It's so horrible that they will have to live without their mom, such beautiful girls. Their mom was decapitated and stuffed in the trunk of her own car, and she was left in a parking lot in a city forty miles from here.'

I was so scared from that. I've never ignored my intuition since then, and it's only proved to be a strong indicator of what is to come. I always listen to that little voice in the back of my mind or that instant punch in the gut feeling when it comes to everyday experiences."

Her Worst Fears Came True
Her Worst Fears Came True

"I was twenty-one years old and a single mother. The only job I could find in my small rural town was working the night shift in a convenience store. I worked all alone from ten at night until seven in the morning. There were a few houses near, but everyone was sleeping and there were no other open businesses around. It was complete darkness as far as I could see from my store when I was working, and almost no traffic on the road. I was a little nervous about those conditions, but my manager convinced me that I would be completely safe. She told me if I ever had any problems, that I should just call the police. She assured me that they would respond promptly, and I still believe that was true.

After I had been working there for over a year with no problems, I suddenly started having bad dreams that made it hard to get any sleep. Actually, it was the same dream over and over. In the dream, I was at work and found myself in the parking lot, trying to hide behind cars. I had already been shot in the leg and someone was still trying to kill me. I began to dread going to work because the dream had me so worried, and it was also hard to stay awake with the dream keeping me from getting much sleep. I told myself I was just being silly and continued to go to work, because I had bills to pay.

The good news was that I had made a lot of friends that checked on me regularly even when they didn't even need anything from the store. The bad news was most of them worked day time jobs during the week, so their only really late night visits were on the weekends. We offered free popcorn and coffee to local law enforcement, and I always made them fresh for the officers so they would stay longer and stop by more.

One Friday night I was working and nothing seemed out of the ordinary, except for one car that kept circling through the parking lot and leaving without stopping. I decided it was probably teenagers out riding around with nothing better to do. I was unusually steady with customers that night. People would come in and hang around, chatting for twenty or thirty minutes, then leave as another walked in. I realize looking back that I was never alone that night, and that was highly unusual. Sometimes I would go for several hours without seeing anyone.

As it was approaching the end of my shift, I picked up the phone to give my relief her regular wake up call that she depended on to get up for work. I couldn't get a dial tone, the phone wasn't working, and I had no idea why. A friend that was there went to his home nearby and brought his phone to try, but it wouldn't work either. I finally locked the doors and drove to the nearest payphone to call my relief, since she would not ever wake up and make it there otherwise. This happened several years before cell phones. I went back and waited until she got there. Then I went home and went to bed as usual. The phone not working was odd, but I really wasn't concerned, sometimes these things happened back then.

Later my manager called to tell me that the phone company had found that the lines had been cut with a knife, but they were repaired now. She asked if I remembered anything strange from the night before. Cold chills ran down my spine, and I immediately thought about the car that had been driving through all night and gave her a description that she passed on to law enforcement. I was frightened to say the least, so I called my step-father to tell him what happened. He told me that I should quit that job immediately and not go back, so I did. This was the only time in my life that he offered to pay my bills as long as he had to, so that I could look for another job. I decided to take that opportunity to go back to school since jobs were hard to find, at least the full time ones. I got a job working on campus during the week and at another store on the weekends, and also managed the trailer park I lived in. Altogether it was enough to live on and go to school. It occurred to me a few weeks after I stopped working at the convenience store that I was sleeping a lot better. The dream had stopped the day I quit that job.

They never did find out who cut the phone lines that night, but I am pretty sure it was the people that kept driving through the parking lot. Who knows what their plans were? It makes me shudder to think about it still today. There is no doubt in my mind that the dream was a warning and my guardian angel was working overtime that night."

She Ignored The Warning Sign, It Returned To Haunt Her
She Ignored The Warning Sign, It Returned To Haunt Her

"In the first case, I heeded the warning and avoided certain death. Unfortunately, in the second case, I ignored the warning, and to this day I regret it because I could have avoided the misery that followed.

Warning #1:

It was 1986, and I was driving home alone after a night out with friends. With no traffic around me, I was speeding at 80mph in the left lane of Interstate 5 near Los Angeles. It was 3:00 a.m., and I had an hour to go before I would arrive home. I was worried I might fall asleep, so I rolled down the windows and turned up the radio. Suddenly, I heard a powerful, authoritative man’s voice from the back seat, say, 'CHANGE LANES! NOW!'

Immediately, I changed lanes, and moments later drove under an overpass. On the other side of the overpass, directly in front of where I had been driving, and wouldn’t have had time to stop, was a stalled car in the left lane. If I hadn’t changed lanes when I did, I would’ve plowed into the back of a stalled car at 80 mph, and most probably would have been killed. I was quite shaken and incredibly thankful to whatever the source of that warning may have been. You would think I would’ve learned my lesson about heeding this kind of warning, but unfortunately, I didn’t. Maybe it was because I was older when the second occurrence happened, and I was less accepting of things that can’t be explained by critical thinking. But I often wish I could go back in time and make a different decision.

Warning #2:

It was 2007, my current husband and I had been looking at model homes in a suburb about an hour away. We knew we could sell our house and make a profit and buy a much bigger house in the suburbs. I was excited about the possibility of raising our daughter in a nicer house with a bigger backyard. But then one morning I woke up, and on my way from the bedroom to the bathroom, it felt as if a ‘cloud of awareness’ descended upon me. And the ‘knowingness’ gave me this crystal clear message: 'If you move to this place, something terrible will happen TO YOU, and you might die.'

I don’t remember what I had been dreaming before I woke up, and my mind was still in a semi-dream state. But it was an odd thing for me to think, because since the birth of my daughter, all my worry had been focused on her safety, not my own. And I was thoroughly convinced at that moment that I absolutely could not, and WOULD NOT, move to the suburbs.

But days later, as adults often do, I overrode my better instincts, told myself I was being silly, and put a down payment on a beautiful new house in the suburbs. Just six weeks after moving into that beautiful new home, I had terrible stomach pain and went to the nearby emergency room, where I was misdiagnosed with diverticulitis, given an antibiotic with a black-box-warning, which led to an antibiotic resistant bacterial intestinal infection called clostridium difficile (C. Diff).

The year I got C. Diff, 27,000 people died of it within the first month of their infection. It took a month, three male doctors, including an emergency room doctor at Stanford Hospital, before the fourth doctor I saw, a female doctor, finally correctly diagnosed me with C. Diff. By that time, I had lost 20 pounds I did NOT need to lose. All three of the male doctors had completely missed the obvious symptoms, and also treated me like a hysterical female, one even telling me to, 'Just go home and relax, and whatever it is, it will go away.'

Yes, it’s true. It would’ve gone away, eventually, from my dead body. I never fully recovered from the infection and treatment, and it took another five months before I could even walk without holding myself up against the wall. In the following five years, I would go on to be diagnosed with fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety disorder, sleep apnea, IBS, Chronic Fatigue Immune Deficiency Syndrome (CFIDS), Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, and thyroid cancer. I saw so many doctors, I can’t even remember them all. Unable to digest food properly, I would continue losing weight. It was a sobering awakening for someone who, up until the C.Diff infection, had enjoyed near perfect health.

As excruciatingly painful as the fibromyalgia pain was, it was second, only, to the terror of depression. I now have much more respect & compassion for people who struggle with depression, and to this day I worry it will come back. It’s been 12 years since I ignored my better instincts, and I still live with the regret and the consequences every day. I lost my thyroid and have to take thyroid replacement medication for the rest of my life. Although it’s not as severe, I still have anxiety, especially at night. And though I am not at all overweight, I still struggle with sleep apnea, and am unable to sleep with a CPAP machine. It’s difficult for me to make social plans because I never know how I’m going to feel from day to day, so I have become somewhat isolated. I am, however, very thankful that the fibromyalgia pain has mostly gone away, only bothering me now when a low pressure storm is headed my way.

And though I can’t explain the ‘cloud of awareness’ that descended on me that morning 12 years ago, I’ve made a promise to myself to never again ignore that kind of warning. I can’t explain what it was, and I don’t know where it came from, but I wish I had not ignored it."

His Fate Had Other Things In Store
His Fate Had Other Things In Store

"Buckle your seat belts, because I'm about to explain why I have gone totally nutso and made some bizarre and life-changing decisions. Months ago, I was playing a game and trying to make rent. It wasn’t going so well. I was neglecting a super caring woman, addicted to some sketchy substances, and just generally letting my health fall apart. One day, I saw a post on social media about narcissism I think. I started reading. And then I kept reading. I started noticing that a lot of the stuff about narcissists was describing my current and past behaviors. I was horrified. 'This can’t be how I’m perceived, right? I care, don’t I? Oh, God!!'

I became obsessed. I spent all day long reading about narcissists and mental abuse and methods of dealing with narcissists. Soon after, my now ex started responding to me in the exact ways I was reading about how to deal with narcissists. Grey wall, ignoring, remaining totally emotionless. I caught myself losing my temper and screaming at her when I would try to argue. I caught myself getting angry when she would respond with zero emotion. I realized how completely insane I was being. I would stop arguing and walk away, feeling totally ashamed. Going forward, she became emotionless in general. The warmth was gone. I was so confused. Was this some divine plan against me? Did she finally lose her marbles? I didn’t understand.

Then the gaslighting came. I'd see something online and get upset about it, and she’d tell me I was just overreacting, or I was just being crazy. One time, in the car, she reached over me and threw trash at my feet and asked me immediately to pick it up. She denied doing it. I started to really lose it. A hundred more instances of this type of behavior happened for the next few weeks. We were about to be evicted. She wasn't working. I kept reading my social media feed.

Soon, really weird questions started popping up in my feed. Things like 'Would you forgive me for stealing the love of your life?' and 'If the entire world went one way, would you be comfortable going the opposite?' or something to that extent. My world started falling apart. My sanity was disappearing. My ex was now an emotionless, non-affectionate person towards me. We sat in silence for hours at a time. I tried to rekindle things, but she’d push me away. I was distraught. I could literally feel the loveless oppression in the air. I got clingy. It pushed her further away. I broke up with her. And then a few days later, we were evicted. We went our separate ways. I stood in the parking lot sobbing as I slowly tried to collect any of my belongings that had memories attached to them. I had nowhere to go. An entire life left in the parking lot to be thrown away. Fear in my mind and the current obsession with narcissists. I couldn't explain all the things I had seen. Was it a coincidence? I don’t know. Fast-forward a bit. I’m driving to my mother's house. I’m talking to my uncle on the phone. He’s yelling at me. I yell back. One of us hangs up. I’m instantly reminded of the narcissist tendency to try to draw a reaction out of you and I realize one of my toxic traits - to blow up and say horrible things to someone and then try to apologize like the words were never said. I feel awful. I remember the worst of my explosions towards my ex. How terrible of a person I’ve been.

Time goes on. I’m still reading and obsessive over narcissism and mental abuse. I learn things that are considered mentally abusive that I never even thought about: interrupting, not listening and talking AT someone, waiting for a chance to respond with irrelevant concepts in a conversation. I start trying to police myself.

More strangeness happens. Every girl I've ever possibly had a chance to date starts reaching out to me, in sequential order in which I met them. They sound interested. The first wants a relationship and for the first time in my life I tell someone no. Narcissists only seek the next fix right? I’m still in love anyways at this point. I can’t jump into a new relationship. I take a job care taking the house for the family of one of the interested girls. She still wants me to give her a chance. I told her I’m still in love and can't. After a week, the job falls apart, and I leave.

I sell my computer within hours and drive to Idaho from Georgia. Crazy. I know. I'm still reading about narcissists and narcissism. I’m obsessed. I’m seeing narcissism everywhere at this point. When I got to Idaho, I was taken to a homeless shelter as a way to get food while I look for a job. It's a church. They read a passage about false or 'fake' Christians and how to deal with them. The solution? Distance yourself, the same way modern psychologists say to deal with narcissists. I immediately see the resemblance to concepts of narcissists and going 'No contact'. I'm floored. I remember crying in the church. I make some connections in my head. Jesus taught only love. Loving your neighbor, yourself, children, and God. Narcissism stems from fear. It's the very opposite of love.

I was left with a very unsettling curiosity wondering about the connections of narcissism and biblical teachings. I think to myself that I'm nobody. There's no way there's any actual connection to any of this. But then I think, what are the odds? Narcissists and narcissism, and the very first day I get to this totally random location, they read this passage from the Bible? No way its connected, right?"

Inches Away From Death
Inches Away From Death

"In January 1994, at 4:30am, I was deeply asleep. A male voice in my head commanded me to get up,and my body LEAPED out of bed, from deep sleep. Before I could fall or catch myself, the whole ground shifted another step and I caught myself against the counter on the other side of the tiny room. Two floor to ceiling, 8 foot high, 6 foot wide, shelving units, made of beams, hardback books, and lots of 22 pound designer bricks, fell abruptly in my room. Onto my bed. Many of those blocks even hit my pillow.

I didn’t realize that part at the time though, as I woke up from the voice and my body motion I realized we were having a major earthquake. I kind of couldn’t focus on the weirdness of the voice and my body’s 'response' to it because, you know, it was survival mode time. I ran to the back sliding glass door, but there was a balcony above and no fence opening to get out. I opened the back door and stood in the doorway breathing hard. There was a stillness, and then this flash-vivid green and blue lightning all over the sky, and then utter-blackness just crashed down. Like the kind you NEVER get in a city. That was the power grid of much of California, all the way up to Canada in places, blowing out violently.

It was a memorable experience! I had a lot of ‘anomalous’ things related to that experience, but the voice is definitely the first. I concluded that maybe my subconscious, picking up the impending-by-seconds quake — and my doom — saved me. We had thousands of aftershocks after allegedly, which is probably why it felt like the ground was always shaking. Aside from the above notes and a couple other odd experiences, I was doing okay until a few days later, when I heard a story on the radio in my car, about a guy whose house caught on fire from this stuff, and he ran back in to save his cat, and was killed. I totally identified as someone who would do that, and I had to pull my car over to the side of the road so I could just bawl for a minute without road danger. I don’t know — I am still not religious in that way."

This Woman Is Up To Something
This Woman Is Up To Something

"I was walking to my bus stop when a woman grabbed me by the shoulders and tried to make me help her by going with her and helping her to her house. I asked her where she lived and she told me. I lived in the complete opposite direction. I also knew you need to take a separate bus to go there, I had never been there before, so it was an unknown area. I had felt bad since she was an old lady that might have actually needed my help, but I offered to take her to the bus stop so she could take the bus. She flat out refused, saying how an old lady like her needed someone young to help her. She then asked me where I lived and which bus I would take. I refused to tell her my actual bus, so I said that I was not taking any bus and that I had family who waited for me across the street, at the mall.

Something didn’t make sense to me. The entire time she was holding my shoulders, and whenever I would try to move away from her, she would grip me tighter and start to beg more. Deep down, I knew she was lying and whatever she was saying wasn’t the truth. The entire time I felt as if I was in danger and I wanted to run until a strong stab in my head caused me to groan and stumble a little. I grew dizzy and stumbled onto someone else, who glared at me. The pain remained as a dull thud until I was a couple of steps away from the old lady, until it stopped completely when I finally got on my bus.

I then looked at the lady, who seemed kinda mad, and told her I had to go. As I kept walking away, I heard her trying to lure others. Just then my mom called me, but when I picked up the phone and said hello, I only heard the line go dead. I could still feel the old lady looking at me I don’t know if she really needed help or not, but her story felt wrong, and something in me told me to run away. I felt guilty that I didn’t help her, but the feeling of it all yelled red flags.

I don’t know if you categorize it as supernatural or not, but I feel that the headache and dizziness might have been something paranormal because it stopped the moment I was away.

The Voice Wouldn't Go Away
The Voice Wouldn't Go Away

"Years ago, I was having really bad money problems. REALLY bad. Like almost living in my car bad. I had the idea to set up at an antique flea market, and maybe I could get some money happening. I’d set up there before and did fairly well. The universe had other ideas. At the time I had almost exactly enough money to buy enough gas to get there - it was about 70 miles from where I was living - plus money for tolls and space rental. Saturday evening I went to the local gas station for gas. I paid at the office for $10 worth, then somehow forgot to pump the gas. I just went straight home from there. It was hours later before I remembered I hadn’t pumped the gas. I’m forgetful and flaky, but not THAT forgetful and flaky. However, there was exactly enough gas in the car to go 70 miles, but probably not more than 20 yards beyond that. In order to get to the market on time - i.e. by 5:00 a.m. - when the heavy hitters come to shop, I woke up around 2:30 a.m. The moment my eyes opened, there was a voice in my head saying, ‘Don’t go.’

Well, I had to go. I really really needed the money. But the voice wouldn’t stop. I began to pray. ‘Dear Lord, you know I need money. I don’t believe this voice is from you.’

I managed to ignore the voice long enough to take a shower, get dressed, and feed my pets. Just before I left, I looked over my shoulder to see one of my cats chilling on the floor, getting ready for her after breakfast nap. The voice was in my ear again. ‘If you go, it will be a long time before you see your cat again.’

Disturbing and weird, but sorry, I had to go, because I needed the money. Once I got in the car, the voice began talking about some poor choices I’d made in the past. These weren’t major things though. But slowly the voice became more insistent, and I became more uncomfortable. No matter what, I needed that money. Finally, the voice said, as clear as a bell, ‘If you insist on doing this, you will regret it for the rest of your life.’

THAT got my attention. I turned off at the next exit. The moment I made that choice, the voice stopped, and I never heard it again. Now and then I wonder what it was trying to protect me from, but if I think too long about it, I start feeling very very scared and anxious."

Narrowly Avoiding The Traumatic Wreck
Narrowly Avoiding The Traumatic Wreck

It was late spring, 1995 and I was living in Titusville, Florida, pregnant with my first child. I was an 'older' mom and was scheduled for an amniocentesis procedure in Orlando, which was about 40 miles away. It was a warm day and I was dressed in a baby doll-tunic dress and tights, driving a car with no A/C.

As I got in the car to start the drive I began to get a weird 'message' in my head. The message was, 'Look out! Be careful! Be ready! This is serious!!' and it was a very persistent message with a LOT of anxiety behind it. Having come to the realization that my little inner messages were not to be ignored almost a decade earlier, I paid attention to what it was telling me and obeyed it with all my might. I made sure my seat belt was buckled, drove the speed limit and watched the traffic around me very closely all the way there. But that 'voice' did not stop during the entire 1-hour drive.


It was unnerving how this would not go away. At one stoplight, I realized it was too hot for the tights, so I unbuckled my seat belt for a few seconds to remove them while waiting for the light to turn green. The voice began to scream in my head and the anxiety was almost overwhelming! I buckled back up just as quickly as I could. I began to wonder if this was a pregnant lady/hormonal thing. Why am I now driving like a grandmother? Just because I’m pregnant and protecting this baby? I arrived at the doctor’s office without incident and the procedure was completed without incident as well. Whew, I was glad that was over!

I got back in the car to drive home and that voice started again, just as strong as before and just as persistent!


I remained hyper-vigilant the entire way, waiting for any unusual occurrence to validate this experience. As I get about halfway home, I notice on the other side of the median, that one truck has kicked a little dirt up on the median. He was driving in the left lane too and had, apparently, nicked the left shoulder a little. But he corrected and only kicked up a little dust. Since this was the only thing out of the norm I had seen my entire trip and I had been expecting something out of the norm, I thought to myself, 'Okay, so this is it…this must be what I’ve been waiting for!'

Well, in the meantime while I was changing lanes, that other driver OVER corrected and went into HIS right lane and then over corrected AGAIN and ended up back in the left lane. He hit that grassy median at 65+ miles per hour, must have hit a bump of some kind because his truck left the ground and flipped in the air three times before landing on the opposite side of the highway. MY side of the highway!

I saw a spinning truck rolling on the ground and flying through the air directly AT ME! I was already in the right lane but I steered my car as close to (and maybe a little ONTO) the shoulder as I could safely get at 65 mph. Everything was in slow motion for a second or two and I even saw his body fly out of the truck during one of the rotations. My windows were down and I was scrunched and leaning as far to my right as my seat belt would let me, while still trying to steer my own car. The truck landed with a BOOM in the left lane right next to my car, dead center!! But since I didn’t slow down and he had momentum going in the other direction we didn’t collide. Shrapnel was flying everywhere (even before he actually hit), but none of it came in through my wide open windows or even hit my car! That was amazing in and of itself! It was like I had a force field around me or something.

Traffic came to a halt and I pulled over to the shoulder. Many people got out of their cars and ran to help the man lying on the asphalt. I stepped out of my car for a minute and walked towards the scene and watched from a distance. I did not approach the scene very closely as the pregnant lady in me kicked in and I worried about the safety of it all. I got back in my car and continued my drive home. The voice inside my head was silent after that, all the rest of the way home. What truly amazes me is that it happened SO FAST! It took probably less than four seconds from the first wisp of kicked-up dust to the truck landing right next to me. If I hadn’t listened to that voice and been so vigilant, I probably wouldn’t have changed lanes. I would have just kept driving in that left lane. There was a definite disturbance in the force that day. I’m glad I was aware of it and acted accordingly. And, I’m assuming, so is my son (who was born healthy a few months later). Who knows, it might even have been HIM warning me. I don’t know."