Everyone has someone they care about. It could be a friend, family member, partner, anyone really. For these people, they are willing to do any and everything for them to help them in anyway they can. However, everyone has a point. Once that point's been broken, there's no going back, and the relationship is ruined.

People on Reddit share the thing someone did to make them hate them. Content has been edited for clarity.

"I Instantly Lost Any Respect"
"I Instantly Lost Any Respect"

"Had a really great friend in high school. He was cool, but he was always be trying to sell stuff to people in the hallways, like video games or pocket knives or sunglasses. After over a year of being friends with him, he came over to my house to hang out. When he left a bunch of my favorite video games were missing.

I realized what was happening, and I had plans on forgiving him if he just fessed up and apologized. Instead, he got super defensive and angry, and I instantly lost any respect I had for the guy."

"We're Still Very Close"
"We're Still Very Close"

"This was in my late high school years. A 'friend' in our group had invited everyone to hang out at his parent’s house. We were supposed to agree on a time the day of, but people weren’t answering my calls or messages or were really vague. It was almost 7pm which was a couple of hours later than I’d figured, so I decided to drive over. Sent one guy a message saying no one’s really answering so I’ll just go ring the 'friend’s' doorbell.

So all of a sudden, the 'friend' calls me and says he was caught up in something and the whole thing might be off, he’ll let me know. Thing is, he called me when I was just parking in front of his house. I had a clear view of almost everyone in my group in his house. I let the call go on for several minutes watching him motion people to be quiet, doing the talking hand 'yadda yadda' gesture, without letting him know I was watching him, until the dude finally spotted my car. He then - very obviously - told everyone to hide because he thought I’d just pulled up. One guy who also pretended to be my friend actually hit the ground together with his girlfriend to avoid being seen from the window.

So those three people - two 'friends' and the girlfriend of one - I have absolutely zero respect for. Also, I have nothing to do with any of them anymore, so that’s nice.

Then again, I also very clearly saw one real friend tell the 'friend' off. He also called me immediately and said to wait up, he’d rather hang out with me than those pricks. Twenty years later, and we’re still very close. We effectively formed a new group of friends. So big silver lining."

"She Was Resistant To Any Change"
"She Was Resistant To Any Change"

"I worked for my step mom with the intent that I would take over the business when she retired in a few years. I took more than a 50% pay cut, and left my career of 10 years of managing and leading organizations to come work for her.

Those few years came and went with her unable to even talk about a timeline for retirement. I spent years trying to fix processes and procedures around the office to make her life easier, and to make the general workflow easier for all employees. She was completely resistant to any change from the status quo while simultaneously always complaining about how busy she was, and how we just didn’t have any good processes in place.

I finally confronted her about her retirement timeline, and putting it in writing I would be her succession plan. She balked at even putting together a plan for her retirement. I let her know I really couldn’t hang around if there weren’t any prospects for advancement or pay increases.

My wife secured a job in a new town, and I gave my step mom a six-month notice we would be moving. I explained that I would be more than willing to help hire and train my replacement and finish formalizing all of the procedures I had developed in my time there.

She fired me the next business day.

Forget that horrible woman."

"After All That, I Was Done"
"After All That, I Was Done"

"My husband (at the time) and I were physically separated. I was pregnant with our second child. I was under the impression we were working things out to ultimately get our family back together in the same household (that whole part is a long, long story).

Needless to say, my ex-husband did not come to the birth of our son. His mother had to tell him when I went into labor and had the child. When he finally called me (hours upon hours later) he asked me what I named our son. When he found out I did NOT name him a 'junior' but instead gave him his OWN name that didn't have any relation to my ex-husband or his family, he told me it was a stupid name then hung up on me and refused to answer for days.

On top of the total disrespect and display of selfish pouting, a family member finally disclosed to me after my son was born my ex-husband spent the entire year milking me for money to finance an affair that resulted in him moving in with the chick, getting her name tattooed on his arm and using my money to pay for groceries and other household essentials.

After all that, I was done. I called him out on his affair, which shocked him and resulted in him freaking out and stalking me for weeks to 'find out who told me.' I filed for divorce while on maternity leave and cut him all the way off. Of course, he tried arguing that by not helping him I was hurting my kids. According to him, how was he supposed to help his kids if I didn't first help him (with money, his car payment, insurance, etc)?!? UGH. Such a low-life bum!

And in one split second, I despised everything he was, would be and had been. I wish him ill-will and the truest form of karma. I don't 'feel sorry' for him and I have zero concern for his life."

"Least I Could Do Was Drop Off Chocolates"
"Least I Could Do Was Drop Off Chocolates"

"I had made some plans with the girlfriend at the time for Valentine's Day. This was back in late high school.

I called her on the phone a few hours before to re-confirm details, and she abruptly begged off cause supposedly her parents were going to be having a date of their own later that evening, and so she was being assigned to take care of her grandma for the day. Her grandmother needed constant care, so it wasn’t especially unusual for one of her parents to be taking a day to stay with her. She was supposed to leave pretty early in the afternoon and be with her all evening.

So I decided that the least I could do was maybe drop off some flowers and chocolates so she’d have something nice waiting when she got back. Spent a bunch of money on getting something nice, showed up at her place around five, expecting just her parents to be there. Not only was she the one to answer the door, I could clearly hear both her parents chatting away in the background, and there was no grandmother to be seen.

Turned out, she just didn’t have the guts to bite the bullet and properly break up with me. She was just going to keep canceling until I got the picture or something."

"Biggest Adult Tantrum I've Ever Seen"
"Biggest Adult Tantrum I've Ever Seen"

"My girlfriend at the time had a little sister. She was graduating from college, and her college was not close by. It was a few states away, and at least a five hour drive. We both loved the sister, but we weren't going to make it to her graduation. We couldn't afford a hotel for the weekend, and we couldn't take off from work to get there on time.

She freaked out on us. It was the biggest adult tantrum I've ever seen. My girlfriend and I both assumed it wasn't that big of a deal, but seeing how much her sister freaked out, we re-evaluated the situation. So, we packed up quickly, and drove through the night to get there. She told us we could sleep in her apartment that night, but we'd need to get a hotel the following night. That was fine, we found something online for like $100/night.

We got to her place in record time. It was not even midnight. We felt like heroes for making up so quickly. We get to her apartment - and she won't let us in. She says she's already in bed, and we should have gotten there earlier if we wanted to take her up on her offer. So, we're both exhausted, and we have nowhere to stay. I wanted to just turn around and go back home, but my girlfriend was a better person than me. Luckily we had other friends in the city, and one was nice enough to give us their couches for the night.

It's been like 15 years, and I assume the sister was getting one last lay with a college hook-up, because I could not imagine any other scenario where she couldn't simply walk down two flights of stairs to open the door for us.

I ended up marrying the girlfriend, and still bring up this situation anytime she gets in a fight with her sister. It's usually 'I can't believe how selfish my sister is being,' and I go 'You can't!? Remember that time we drove to her college gra-' and she cuts me off. Of course she also remembers it."

"She Thought I Deserved It"
"She Thought I Deserved It"

"There was a girl who was the photographer at my wedding. We had been friends for a bit, being the only female motorcycle riders in our group. I started to get the feeling that she and a few other friends were talking trash on me and my husband. Just weird vibes, and I saw some Facebook comments that all seemed to be referencing me. I had just moved to a new state away from these friends, and so all of that was very overwhelming. I blocked the friends and went on with my life.

A few months later, I made a post on a female group and she commented on it. She said she could see I had deleted her but she hoped I was well. I decided to message her and just say sorry I guess. Well, come to find out she was talking trash on me. A lot. And she didn’t care because she thought I deserved it, and it was my fault they talked trash on me for being so weird. And it was my fault I left it affect our friendship. Whatever. Haven’t spoken to her since, even when we go back for events with our crew."

"I Was So Seriously Confused"
"I Was So Seriously Confused"

"My ex used to beat me when she was hammered. I'm a guy and she was a lot smaller than me, so nobody really did anything to help. We had been together for years and this was a genuinely new thing that started happening. So, I was willing to find the root of the problem with her and work through it. I wasn't just going to abandon her if she was potentially going through mental torture.

I got laid off from my job, forced to move, then my dad got cancer. Things were really rough for me on top of the new relationship problems, but I was always optimistic and tried to work things out.

The day before my dad went in for his cancer surgery, my ex showed up to our apartment with several people I had never met. She had a ton of boxes, and her pepper-spray-toting cousin. She had been drinking with them apparently, and told them it was in fact I was physically abusing her, and they had all decided that she needed to leave. Like now. So all these strangers (to me) showed up at our place and proceeded to pack up all of her things, while I was pacing around, crying, asking what was going on. She went on and on about how I was beating her, how I had a substance abuse problem (I had never done narcotics or beat her, etc.) A few minutes into her breakdown, her troll of a cousin waddles up to me, puts a can of pepper spray in my face, and demands I 'back off.' I was so seriously confused.

She left with all her stuff, and I spent the next week and a half in the hospital with my dad because there were some complications with his cancer surgery. He loved her very much, so it was difficult for me to keep it together while he was trying to recover. I was the only one in my family that could stay with him as well, since I just got laid off from my job and everyone else lived at least two hours drive away.

I still haven't spoken to her since then. It was about six years ago. Still crushed."

"He Simply Let It Happen"
"He Simply Let It Happen"

"I worked for a small company. For the first few years, my boss and I got along really well to the point that we would eat dinner together regularly. I hung out with his son quite a bit, we even vacationed together twice. We went really well together, I was good at what he wasn’t and he was good at what I wasn’t.

Over those years, we were able to really grow the company to the point that we needed to grow. We had two ladies in the office that were family to the boss, one was an 80-year-old woman and the other was her granddaughter who was grossly incompetent. The only reason the granddaughter was there was because she had never been able to hold a job anywhere else. One night while I’m eating dinner with my boss, he tell me how he wants to bring my wife onboard and let her run our marketing and kind of fill in the gaps on what the secretary was supposed to be doing but wasn’t because of laziness. He offered to pay her more money than what she was making, said she could work from home most of the time. Sounded great.

First day she works, the secretary has a huge problem with her being there, because she had a complex about someone coming in and doing more than her. Her and the grandma both are rude, the secretary posts very thinly veiled comments on Facebook directed at my wife; she even lied and said my wife tried opening charge accounts up to make personal purchases. While all this was happening, my boss never said a word to intervene, he simply let it happen. My wife worked there less than two months before she couldn’t take it anymore and had to leave, rightfully so. And my boss let it all happen even though it was his idea to bring her onboard. I went from having a deep respect for that man and considered him a father figure to not even being able to stand to watch him chew his food."

"I Guess I'll Move Out"
"I Guess I'll Move Out"

"Our freshman year of college, our friend group was still kind of intact, but not as close as we were in high school. One friend started dating a girl, we'll call her 'Annie.' Well, as Annie started hanging out with us a lot, she ended up getting to be friends with the girls in our friends group. She became close friends with someone we'll call 'Sarah.'

After our freshman year of college, Sarah's parents bought her a house to live in for the rest of college, as long as she paid rent. Sarah invited a couple friends to live in her house, including Annie, and a third friend 'Janet.'

After about six months or so, Janet and Sarah both noticed some of their things were going missing. A few months after that, Janet noticed some ATM withdrawals that she didn't remember making. Then Sarah noticed the same ATM withdrawals.

They filed fraud claims with their bank. Their bank was able to provide them with pictures of the person making the withdrawals. Turns out, it was Annie.

She had withdrawn close to $2,000 between the other girls. They confronted her with this, and her immediate response was 'OK, well, then I guess I'll move out.'

I don't know if she ever paid them back, but I would guess she didn't."

"Managed To Have Us At Each Other's Throats"
"Managed To Have Us At Each Other's Throats"

"At age 14 I was put into foster care, specifically a group home. It was a ranch style facility consisting of four or five different 'cottages,' each with about eight to ten kids ranging from age 5-18. Making friends here was both inevitable, since you live with them full time, and risky, 90% of them grew up traumatized and it reflected on their behavior.

After switching cottages three or four times because of complications with the other kids, I had finally found a group of teens I enjoyed and felt like I trusted. My roommate and I ended up having a crush on a girl in the cottage, and we sorted it that neither would make any moves on her to prevent drama. Another kid in my cottage, about my age, also had a crush on her. He went to every kid in the cottage that associated with this girl and told them each different stories about how the others were talking trash about them. He managed to have us at each other's throats for nearly a month. Every day our disdain for each other worsened while he watched from the sidelines.

The 'parents' of the group home decided one night they'd lock us all in a room together to figure out our issues before someone got stabbed (not even exaggerating). We all traced the stories to the source and realized this one kid was trying to turn us all against each other. He was sitting right next to us tomato red when we all simultaneously turned to look at him in disgust."

"I Was So Grossed Out"
"I Was So Grossed Out"

"A friend of mine did something absolutely revolting in grade school. We'll call her 'Lisa.' She was new that year, and we really hit it off.

Everyday at lunch, I'd take my retainer out, keep it in my backpack, and put it back in after recess. One day it was missing. Like no case or anything. I was confused and worried that I was going to get in trouble. My family wasn't well off, and getting a new retainer was going to be a big deal. I told my teacher, and the whole class looked for it.

Lisa and I kept our backpacks next to each other. I kept telling her how worried I was and couldn't figure out where it went. She consoled me and helped me look.

Flash forward to the next morning, my mom comes to school with me to look for it. We get into the classroom and Lisa and her mom are standing next to where the backpacks are kept. I put my stuff away and lo and behold! There's my retainer, in the case, with my name on it, on a shelf I can't even reach.

I guess Lisa went home and tried to wear it but it, obviously, wouldn't fit. Just like Lisa from The Simpsons, this Lisa also needed braces. Not wanting her sweet baby to be branded a thief, her mom brought her in early to put it somewhere that must have gotten 'overlooked' the previous day.

I was so grossed out. We went to my orthodontist and had them sterilize the heck out of it.

Weirdly enough, Lisa moved to Florida like two days later. No notice or anything. This post made me wonder what happened to her. Like is she a dentist now? And if so does she have a weird collection of stolen tools or teeth hidden somewhere?"

"You Can't Just Leave Me Here"
"You Can't Just Leave Me Here"

"A person I was engaged to got mad at me for suggesting a limit on the wedding dress. So she went out to the bar in protest and proceeded to live it up, grabbing dudes all over until one rented a hotel room where she proceeded to sleep with him.

The next morning, her cousin called me and filled me in. So when she called him (cousin) for a ride he called me, and we both went over there. She was still talking to him by the curb and when both of us hopped out of the car, the dude she was talking to just started running.

I grabbed the keys to my car, my credit card and left as she was saying 'You can't just leave me here!'

'Yes I can. Bye,' I said as I hopped back into my car.

She then went to a DV shelter, got a state lawyer, and filed for custody of our two children while making every accusation under the sun. It took about a year and a half and about $10,000 but the judge eventually saw through her entire act and I've been raising them for 16 years now.

At any rate, I went from being blissfully unaware and engaged to totally over her in a 90 second phone call."

"Made Me Look At My Grandma Differently"
"Made Me Look At My Grandma Differently"

"My grandma got my grandpa to put his first wife in an insane asylum, and get some kind of dissolution of marriage. They married, and before they moved to America, she forced him (they had six kids by now, two boys and two girls, and his son by his first wife, and daughter) to give his first born son up for adoption, when he was 11. A few years pass in America, and my aunt who is now 14, is given up to the state by my grandpa.

I then found out that before she did this, the first several years in America, my aunt was freaking tortured. My Grandma got my mom/aunt and uncles to pee on her bed, on her while she slept, she wasn't allowed to eat until everyone was done, and even then she has to eat what was scraped into the trash. There's tons more, my Mom didn't let me read my aunt's memoir, I'm assuming because she was a horrible person to my aunt (she did similar things to me growing up).

It made me look at my grandma, grandpa, mom, aunt and uncles differently. The only family I talk to are some cousins and my uncle who my grandpa gave up. He still lives in Europe and I speak to him using Google translate, but I cherish our friendship (my aunt too, but she passed away a few years ago)."

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