Anger gets the best of us all at some point. It can be really hard to control our emotions, especially when someone is doing something incredibly aggravating! These users share what they've done in a fit of rage, including getting revenge. Content has been edited for clarity.

Anger Can Make You Do Crazy Things
Anger Can Make You Do Crazy Things

"My mother's ex-husband and I had a really volatile relationship. He was mentally and emotionally abusive and my mom was an drinker.

There was one day when things got extremely bad. Both my mom and her ex-husband were drinking. All I did was walk in the door and that's when it all started. I was told I had no friends. I was told my family didn't care about me and that if I disappear it would be a good break because I was disappointing. I was told that they wished I was dead.

I kept trying to tell them to leave me alone. I tried hiding in my room too, but they followed me.

I at one point finally became so enraged at them I flipped my bed over (not just the mattress I'm talking bed frame and all) because I kept a knife under my bed and then chased them out with a knife and told them I would kill them and not to go to sleep.

Yeah. That was fun to explain to the cops."

It Was Their Fault Anyway
It Was Their Fault Anyway

"I was being baited by a couple of people online. One of the girls tragically had lost her parents in the Tsunami in Asia back in 2004/2005 - well she really kept calling me heinous things online and started getting others to do the same. She told me to say the worst thing I could as I was clearly too thick to think of any rebuttal.

To cut a long story short, I said:

'Your parents purposefully jumped in the water to kill themselves as it'd be less painful than dealing with you.'

Needless to say, when I got into sixth form (UK 16-18yrs) the next day, I got suspended pending investigation for 3 days.

The silver lining is that they found evidence they bear baited me a lot and frequently bullied me, so they had to apologize in writing to me"

Dolls, Dolls, Dolls
Dolls, Dolls, Dolls

"When I was a kid (12+,) my sister and I were home alone together frequently because both of our parents worked and I was old enough to babysit. We lived in a house that was too small for all four of us, in a bad neighborhood, and it was a permanently dirty old house that was falling apart. So background stress levels were high, just to set the tone.

My sister went to a friend's house to play across the street. Meanwhile, I couldn't find my Jem doll that I'd got from a friend online and was looking everywhere for it. They don't make Jem anymore, so it was a very important doll for me. While I'm looking, my sister comes home and timidly asks for me.

'What?' I ask.

'So you know how I went over to Neighbor's house to play?'


'Her dad got mad at us and ripped the head off of the doll to punish her but actually it was the one I brought over and I think it was your doll....'

So naturally I lost my mind and TORE INTO HER. I was furious, not only was that my doll, but it was rare and out of print and already older than either of us, so how dare she steal it from my room and play with it and get it broken?? I yelled at her so loud and hard I went hoarse, and she crumbled into tears. I demanded she gave me my doll back and not talk to me until mom and dad got home.

She collapsed onto her bed and sobbed, and I took the doll back into my room. I looked at it...

And it was a grungy old Barbie doll.

I felt so, so guilty for screaming at my sister, and hearing her sob through the walls made me feel like a monster. I'd ripped her a new one over nothing. An old raggedy Barbie with missing hair and chewed up feet. (My Jem doll was somewhere in my room, she'd never taken it.)

Eventually I came out of my room and apologized to her. I explained why I was so mad and what I had incorrectly assumed, and I told her that it wasn't her fault the neighbor girl's dad was a crazy prick. He later apologized to her and his daughter too, but that made me feel just as bad as he was.

It's been over a decade since that happened, and my sister and I have both moved on and have a great sibling relationship, but I still feel so, so horrible about how I treated her when I was a teenager. I wish I had been more level-headed."

He Was Out For Revenge
He Was Out For Revenge

"When I was in high school one of my friends broke into my house in the middle of the day. He had ridden the bus to school, met up with another friend of his, who had stolen his dads car. They both left the school and proceeded to break into at least 5 different peoples houses who they knew before skipping town. No one saw them again for 6 months.

When I got home from school that day, I found a case of Pepsi broken open in the front yard and my front door kicked in. I called the police and then my parents to let them know what happened. When the cops showed up to fill out the report one of my neighbors came up and said she saw the 2 kids that did it. She had yelled at them and they dropped the case of Pepsi in the yard, jumped in their car and sped away. As soon as she gave a description I knew exactly who had done it.

6 months later, dude get on the school bus, says hello, sits down next to me and starts acting like everything is normal. I told him it was in everyone best interests if he moved as far away from me as possible. As soon as we get to the school and get off the bus he walks up to me again and asks 'Hey man, whats wrong? no hard feelings right'. My blood instantly boils. I grab him and slam him into a wall as hard as I can, put my hand around his throat and tell him 'If we weren't on school property I would kill you where you stand. Yes, there are hard feelings. You broke into my home and stole from me and my family. If I EVER see you again outside this building I WILL KILL YOU without hesitation' and I walked away.

The next time I saw him was about a week later. He and his buddy were walking down the middle of the road in our neighborhood as I turned onto the street in my SUV. I went straight at them. When they heard the engine rev they jumped onto the sidewalk in front of his house (like that was going to stop me). As soon as I crossed the curb they scattered (one jumped a railing onto his porch while the other skittered up a tree in the yard). I drove through the yard between the house and tree (barely missing them) circled the block and when I got back they were gone. A few days later after picking up a few of my friends I drive past his house and see a car sitting in his driveway. I slam on the breaks, put the car in park, jump out and pull my nailgun out of the rear of my SUV (had all my tools from working for my dads construction company). My friends start freaking out, asking me what I'm doing and to get back in the car. I tell them to shut up and proceed to destroy this car. I break every light and window, flatten every tire, and fill that car full of holes. No one else saw me and my friends never told anyone else about it.

I never did see that guy again after that. I have no idea what happened to him. I did run into in buddy again on two separate occasions years later. The first time, I walked into a restaurant with my wife (at the time) and see him standing at the front, working as the host seating people. I tell my wife 'Stay right here, I'll be right back. We are not eating here'. As I approach he sees me and says 'Hey man, long time no see, how are you'. Without saying a word I hawk as big of a loogie in is face as I could, turn around and walk out. The 2nd time was about a month later at a gas station. I'm filling up my truck and he pulls up at the next pump down, see me and walks over. He says 'Hey man... look, I know your still mad about what happen back in high school but I'm really sorry and I hope we can put all of this behind us'. I told him 'I don't do forgiveness for thieves and you have 5 seconds to get out of my face before I soak you in gasoline and set you on fire.' He starts talking again so I pull the gas nozzle out of my truck and point it right in his face. He runs back to his van as fast as he can and hauls it out of there.

Generally, I'm a pretty laid back person. It takes a lot to set me off but I don't take betrayal well. I don't know if it is because I'm usually really friendly and easy going but anyone who has seen me snap says it is seriously freaking scary."

They're Happier Now
They're Happier Now

"I often hold my emotions in, and they all come bursting out at once with explosive consequences. At a job where I was just there for the paycheck and not much else, never going above and beyond, never volunteering, I had two bosses, one of whom was fair, and the other was a complete prick.

Day after day, I cataloged things the prick manager did that was ineffective and useless often mean. It was clear he wasn’t very good at his job and often used a punishment of others to mask his issues.

One day, when he wrote me up for being five minutes late to work, I said fine. Late that day, he wrote me up for taking a break that was too long by two minutes. Whatever. Even later, he called me into his office and said he was writing me up for 'delaying work' because he’d observed me moving slowly.

This was a bridge too far and I let him have it. I told him he was out of his league, ten years older than me, and would never amount to anything beyond the associate’s degree from community college and a job most high school seniors could do without the number of mess ups he had. I said he spent his time writing people up for being late when he waltzed in later than most workers most shifts, and was trying to hide his own flagrant rule breaking by pretending to be on top of others. No, I knew I wasn’t a perfect employee, but if he spent less time on his computer and more time with the workers he wouldn’t have to write me up for being slow, he’d have to write himself up for being slow because he’d realize how freaking incompetent he was at even moving boxes.

And then he fired me. I couldn’t have been happier."

He Could've Killed Someone
He Could've Killed Someone

"A few years ago when I was 17 my dad, for lack of a better term, had 'everything' failure. One after the next, his organs just stopped functioning. And he was being kept alive by just about every machine medical science has produced so far.

And in turn my father lost his ability to speak so he needed someone to take over 'guardianship' so he had someone to make decisions for him. You have to be 18 to be a guardian and I was only 17 at the time so my mom applied for guardianship, why wouldn’t she be his guardian right?


So as a result the court appointed some hoddy-toddy looking prick as his guardian instead. And this man would listen to NOTHING we had to say. I hated this man more than anything.

My mom and I had decided at a point that the next time my dad would have some sort of 'organ attack' we would allow the doctors to make him comfortable and let him go. The appointed guardian denied it.

Finally, about 6 months later I meet this guy for the first time in my fathers hospital room. He legally needed to tell my dad something in person I guess I’m not exactly sure. But my mom and I where there at the time and the second I saw his wormy face I got up to give him a piece of my mind.

I didn’t ask. I didn’t plead. I didn’t beg. I DEMANDED! That the next time they can make him comfortable to let him go. And this guy, this scum of the earth had the audacity to look me in the eyes and tell me...

'I’m keeping your father alive because by doing so he’s earning me $10,000 a month.'

Let me tell you guys something. You’ve had road rage, maybe you’ve gotten mad at a game you’re playing, you’ve probably had a pretty nasty argument with someone before. But pure, raw, unfiltered anger is the most intense emotion you will ever feel in your life. And when that man said that to me I was literally seeing red. My blood stared to rush and my knuckles turned hot.


It was 100% adrenaline. If I tried punching anyone that hard again I’d come up so short they’d probably laugh at me.

But he stumbled backward, fell, and hit his head on the door handle. And I am INCREDIBLY thankful that this nurse was in the room because he was this huge buff meat man that looked nothing like a nurse, but he was able to hold me back and restrained me.

And I don’t like to think this way but had that nurse not been there that day, I may have actually killed this guy.

Some other nurses come by and take the prick someplace and my mom said we needed to go.

Car ride home was pretty quiet. But as we approached the house my mom parks the car and says 'I love you, I’m not mad at you for what you did. But you did assault that man. And you should prepare yourself to talk to the police.'

Couple more months pass and I finally turn 18 and the DAY I turned 18 I went and applied for guardianship of my dad. The court hearing was about a week later. Not only did I never hear from that man or the police, but he handed over guardianship without any resistance. The hearing lasted all but 20 seconds.

I like to think I knocked some sense into that guy. But who knows. Not like I was going to ask him or anything.

But yeah, that’s the worst thing I’ve ever done out of anger."

Don't Mess With His Mom!
Don't Mess With His Mom!

"I had a really cliché high school bully situation. Even explaining why sounds incredibly stupid to 30 something year old me. He was a year older and liked my girlfriend, despite having his own. He and my girlfriend graduated, all of us broke up, I became friends with his ex-girlfriend. Friends. Operative word.

He started showing up at the school, places where I was etc. He egged my moms house and stole her mailbox. Showed up at my house during a party with all his friends and tried to fight me etc, but couldn't really explain himself when questioned and had no real response when I was like 'bro I'm just not going to fight you.'

So I mean, obviously you don't mess with my mom.

I borrowed some paintball shooters from a friend, got another friend, and the three of us drove up to the frat we knew he lived in, on a Friday - he went to college like one town over - and waited. It had a big long porch they all always hung out on. I did homework.

After maybe half an hour, he comes outside to smoke on the porch with a few of his bros.

To those bros: I'm sorry you got wrapped up in this but...war is war.

We got out of the car a few doors down, had the driver go to the next block, and me and my friend crept up to the side of the porch, where there was a second staircase up onto it. And then, like a super bad version of Seal Team 6, we lit that porch up bad. All of them. We did not discriminate. I'm talking we were within 10 feet of them, they only had like portable chairs as cover, and were faded and caught totally off guard. This was a hit a mobster would have been proud of.

We took off and our driver grabbed us a block away.

A week later he sucker-punched me in the face at a football game at my High School, I smashed nachos in his face, and like fifteen people got involved in the brawl. He was banned from campus, and I got a cool detention slip for inciting a riot."

He Had It Coming
He Had It Coming

"I was helping 2 guy friends fix a transmission. One of them thought it would be funny to grab my chest with his hands, leaving big oily hand prints. I was furious and ran after him, but he wasn't taking it seriously, laughing as he skipped away.

I saw red, picked up a huge wrench, and chucked it at him. I saw it fly end over end and then hit his head in slow motion, but he dropped in real time. I just ran to get someone else, I knew he needed medical attention.

He got 4 or 5 staples in his head (should've gotten stitches, but was afraid of needles....) and a crazy scar. Funny thing is, he won't talk about it because he got 'beat by a girl'. Freaking ridiculous.

The boys in the group stopped messing with me QUITE as much as they used to, after that.

But I could've seriously hurt him, or even killed him. It was a bad move."

Just Needed To Punch Something
Just Needed To Punch Something

"Back in boarding school, I woke up to find my iPod charger on my bed (weird, I usually keep in my locker). Went to my locker and whoops, iPod is gone. Sooo,

1. someone stole my iPod.

2. He might not know whose locker he’s stealing from but he knows whose bed to put the charger at.

3. Someone’s gonna need a getaway plan.

Time to put two and two together:

1. This guy knows me well cause of all 14 beds in the dorm, he knows which bed to return the charger to.

2. What kind of dumb idiot doesn’t take the charger?

3. Only one person in my dorm is conveniently leaving the school for a program at the time my iPod is stolen.

All details pointed towards that one guy (we’ll call him Jay. Plus, at the program, Jay talked to my friend (who’s also in the program) about his ‘new’ iPod. Boom. That was it. Satan was reborn. Words spread like wildfire, especially because I’m his senior. You don’t steal from seniors. It’s also an all boys school, messing with the school is fine. Everyone loves it. But don’t you mess with the boys.

So when everyone from the program came back to the dorms, only one person didn't. Jay. You don’t just run away.

I went to his friend and asked him Jay’s whereabouts and you know what he said? 'I don’t know'

You don't know?! YOU WERE ON THE SAME BUS!

For real, I would've thrown this guy out the window if it weren’t for my friends. He was alone by his locker by the window. I was with 5 other friends. And there were 20 other kids around us. I was pretty tensed up. I had to let go the steam inside me. I needed to do something. I needed to punch something. With this scrawny little thing standing in front of me giving the dumbest excuse ever and my head not thinking straight, you’d know what I did next. I gave a right hook square onto the locker. PLOT TWIST. YOU’D THINK I JABBED HIM RIGHT. Ok not funny cause jokes on me. I punched the locker so hard I broke something. Know what I broke? 1 bone in my hand. Oh well, at least I left a dent on the locker. So my punch wasn’t too shabby right?"

A Boys Gotta Have His Eggs
A Boys Gotta Have His Eggs

"So not as bad as some, but when I was a kid I wanted a hard-boiled egg one afternoon and my mom said no. I asked why and she just said no. I got upset and went to my room. When she went to take a shower or whatever I had the brilliant idea of making my desired egg treat with speed and stealth. I took a coffee mug, filled it with water, dropped the egg in and stuck it in the microwave. I forget how long I set it for, but it was long enough for my mom to come back out to the sound of something cooking in the microwave. She asked me to come to the kitchen, which I shamefully did in defeat. Just as she begins to ask me what I'm cooking, the microwave starts to beep. On the third beep there was this very loud but muffled THUMP from the microwave. The egg had exploded...the cup had exploded...the microwave was ruined. This wouldn't have been so bad had my family had enough money to replace a microwave and I hadn't wasted eggs."

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