School can truly be one of the wildest times in a person's life; from learning new things to meeting new people, there's no telling what will happen during a day full of classes. Or, what someone will do.

People on Reddit share what the weird kid did in school they'll never forget. Content has been edited for clarity.

"Still Don't Know Why He Was Afraid"
"Still Don't Know Why He Was Afraid"

"I had one weird friend, and he was afraid of a particular set of twins. He was minding his own business in the corridors, and each twin was walking towards each other at different ends of the corridor, with him in between. Frightened, he did what no one would expect: jump out the window. He was on the 3rd floor.

Thankfully, he wasn't hurt that bad. When my teacher asked him why he did that, he said 'My life was in grave danger, and I only did what was imperative to be done.'

To this day, I don't know why he was afraid of them."

A Scene Straight Out Of The Movies
A Scene Straight Out Of The Movies

"The year was 2009. It was my very first day of public school after being homeschooled for 10 years. I'm starting 10th grade.

I wandered my way into the cafeteria and sit at a table with my twin brother who's virtually the only person I know. At this point, I assume that I am indeed the 'weird kid.'

Suddenly, Naruto Nate (named for the way he did the arms-back sprint) and his girlfriend, Kitty Gilbert (cat girl, tail.. ears.. hissing.. the works) held hands and jumped from the 2nd-floor library balcony all the way down onto a table in the cafeteria.

They crashed straight through a folding table which caused everyone's food to be flung in toward the center. The force of the kids sent food flying far enough to hit other tables, which initiated a real-life food fight.

I will never forget the feeling I had right then. I thought, Oh. My. God. Public school is JUST like the movies! Yes!"

"The Days He Wasn't There Were Very Bad"
"The Days He Wasn't There Were Very Bad"

"This one kid just had a ridiculously awful temper. So easy to get him mad. Usually, the first thing you say to someone who went from 0 to 100 in seconds is 'Calm down,' everyone says it. It's just a natural response. Whenever a teacher would say it to that kid, and he would just scream, 'I'M NOT CALMED UP' so loud that you could hear that nonsense from outside. Every single time. Don't know why he said it, especially given he was very obviously ticked off when he'd scream it.

He would also just roam the halls when he was supposed to be in class. Go up to every single door and just peek through the little glass window until the teacher would ask him to leave. Got to the point where no teachers would ask him to leave because then he'd just sit there tapping on the glass.

One teacher decided to try going out there after he kept tapping the glass, and this kid literally put all of his strength and his weight into keeping the door closed. The teacher couldn't open it. We ended up having to stay after the bell because the kid wouldn't leave, and the teacher had to call for the principal. Luckily, the principal was usually pretty good at taking him down. The days he wasn't were very bad days, and everyone could hear them screaming at each other.

Seen the kid around a few times after graduating. Seems normal enough now, but my god was that weird."

He Could Not Handle The Power
He Could Not Handle The Power

"So, there was a guy at our school when I was a freshman that everyone called 'Wolfman.' This guy was weird in all the bad ways. He claimed to have superpowers: teleportation, DBZ like energy creation, and whatnot. All the girls said he would just stare at them if they had a class with him. He hung around us freshmen and did his best to 'flirt' with the girls. For an example of his 'flirting,' he once told a girl that while astral projecting, he saw her face on Jupiter. Needless to say, girls stayed away from him.

He graduated though, and his brother started at the school. Now, 'Wolfman' wasn't a tall guy by any stretch of the imagination, maybe five feet at most, but his brother was a good foot shorter than him. He looked liked he belonged in the third grade (he never got any taller). It didn't help that he always wore a child's goosebumps jacket, which made people start calling him 'Goosebumps.' He was even more 'convinced' of his powers than his brother, but at least he was less creepy towards the girls, but that's all he had going for him.

One memorable day I was in math class, and he started shaking violently. People ignored him, so he started flapping his arms around. Wondering if this was an actual seizure, the girl next to him put her hand on him and asked if he's okay, he growled back, 'Take your hand off me, this power is too much to contain!'

She started yelling at him for faking a seizure and he went back to normal death stare forward grumbling about his powers."

"I Knew What Was About To Happen"
"I Knew What Was About To Happen"

"I studied Geology while I was in college, so we went on a lot of field trips. One time we went to Spain, and I noticed this rather strange girl had a tally chart in the back of her notebook. Now, this girl was odd, she wore all black clothes that were clearly not washed very well. She had bright ginger hair and would have HUGE spiky, plastic jewelry that was usually bright orange. Like big spiky plastic necklaces or bracelets. She would pick her nose aggressively in class kind of girl.

Anyway, I asked some other girls if they knew what the tally in her notebook was about, and they said that she was counting the number of times she had successfully taken a pee while standing up. For some reason, I found this to be absolutely fascinating. I started casually following her one day on our field trip in Spain and sure enough, she would find somewhere she thought was discreet (it wasn't discreet I saw everything). She would take her pants fully off, then take a mean pee standing up. The whole time, she had a demonic smile on her face, it was scary. Then, she'd put her pants back on, get out her notebook to add another tally mark, then saunter off into the Spanish wilderness to do more Geology. It was almost as disgusting as it was mesmerizing.

So, one day we had a day off to relax and do what we wanted, so everyone agreed we would go to Madrid for the day. After breakfast, we all get on a big coach bug and set off. The drive is like two hours. About 30 minutes in, she starts mumbling to herself about needing the toilet. Everyone around her going quiet as she became more agitated. Eventually, she jumped up and waddled down the aisle to ask the driver to stop. After a bit of arguing and Spanish shouting from the driver, we pull over.

The bus doors open, she walks back up the aisle and gets off using the door halfway down the bus. She takes three steps away from the door, and starts digging a hole like a freaking badger in heat. Now at this point I think deep down I knew what was about to happen; she's about to take a massive pee right here in front of everyone as the ultimate win/'forget you' to her classmates she clearly hated, but boy I was wrong.

She finished digging her hole, and it was quite impressive given how dry the ground was. She turned herself away from the bus, dropped her trousers, and took a squat over the hole..

What is this? I thought. Maybe she's too shy for a stand-up pee, nope. Out comes the most horrific poop from her pasty white butt. Like gallons of it, I've never seen so much. The hole she dug, whilst impressive was not sufficient for the brown mass that spewed forth. She finished, wiped her butt with a small piece of tissue she had in her pocket, and got back on the bus. She had the same maniacal grin I saw her have with the wild pee.

Everyone was silent, our professors just staring at each other, clearly thinking 'What the heck just happened, Jim. Did that girl seriously just unleash a turd tsunami in front of 40 people?'

The rest of the journey was just silence, I think we were all in shock. We get to Madrid and everyone slowly gets off the bus, poop girl starts saying again that she needs the toilet and everyone turns to look at her. Her bright orange trousers are soaking wet, like she'd been swimming.

One of the other students said, 'Oh my god, what the heck happened?'

And casually as anything, she turns to him and says 'The bus ride was too long, I peed myself a few times.'

At this point, I'm losing my mind, thinking, What the heck lady. You stopped the bus so you could decimate the landscape, you couldn't have peed then? You might as well have, I mean everyone saw your massive dump, I don't think a quick pee would have bothered anyone. Seriously.

Anyway, two girls took pity and carted her off to a public toilet. The rest of us went to a few museums and had a great day but, it was hard to enjoy to be quite honest. Madrid's Natural History Museum didn't have the same jovial atmosphere after watching a grown woman poop and pee herself."

She Couldn't Hold In Her Excitement
She Couldn't Hold In Her Excitement

"This kid (11) was homeschooled and basically latched onto me (about 15). She was going to start going to school in the next year which worried me because I doubted she’d cope well. Anyway, our orchestra had its first concert of the year and we had to go on a coach bus to the venue. She sat next to me.

As the coach set off, she turned to me and said, ‘You know, I’ve never been on a bus before!’

I said ‘What, really?’

Then she promptly doubled over and threw up all over my shoes and lower legs, soaking into my tights. Bus journey lasted an hour with no bathroom."

"I Was So Proud Of Them"
"I Was So Proud Of Them"

"I was definitely the weird kid. During 6th form (1996/97), I became fascinated with computer viruses and was writing them and experimenting with them on a nonnetworked computer in the study room. I was proud of them and digitally signed them.

The fad passed and I moved on leaving three or four dormant but nasty viruses on said PC.

About 18 months after I'd finished my A-Levels and left school, I was contacted by the police, my viruses had found its way onto the networked PCs in the school and completely destroyed the office network including but not limited to exam results, reports, and staff timesheets. All digitally signed by me.

Luckily, I was living in rural Scotland by this point and was able to prove that I wasn't in the midlands at that time. The viruses were unable to be activated remotely so no action was taken against me."

He Didn't Think It Was Funny
He Didn't Think It Was Funny

"One day in physics class, these two boys were playing with a stapler. One of them was trying to prove how strong he was by allowing the other one to put staples into his arm. He’d take them back out and flick them away like nothing. My teacher wasn’t even paying attention.

Then next thing we knew, the guy with the staple jumped up and pushed a staple right into the head of the other guy. Everyone in the class saw it. The guy with the stapler laughed because he thought it was a joke. Safe to say the other guy, clearly in pain, didn’t feel the same and he began chasing the other guy around the class and they had a big fight in the corridor.

The teacher finally stepped in and the guy with the staple in his head ended up just punching the lockers in frustration which made his hands all bruised and bleeding. He was then taken to the hospital to get the staple removed and we didn’t hear much about it from then on."

"Where's Jumper?"
"Where's Jumper?"

"The weird kid in our school was part of our friend group, so 15+ years later we still give him sass about it.

During assembly one afternoon, a few weeks from ball or prom, he went up on stage while our entire year was filing into the auditorium and taking our seats. He was part of the A/V club (surprise), so his responsibility was making sure the microphones worked. Since he had done this multiple times, nobody questioned why he was up there tinkering with the mic.

Anyway, 90% of our year has come in at this point when he starts singing Jumper by Third Eye Blind over a karaoke version of the song he found on Limewire. To make matters worse, he's changed the 'my friend' part of the chorus to the name of the girl he wants to ask out to prom. He gets about halfway through the song before one of the teachers realizes it isn't a joke, and gets up on stage to drag him out.

Everyone is just sitting there going, 'What the heck is happening,' - half the kids don't know the song and the other half is wondering why he chose it to ask someone out.

Turns out, the girl he was asking wasn't even in the auditorium yet so didn't hear his little number. He got detention for a week for being 'disruptive.' We started calling him 'Jumper' as a joke, but then it stuck and I don't think anyone in our friend group has used his name since then. Even during his wedding, you could tell who he went to school with since they'd ask where Jumper or Big J was."

That's An Interesting Prank
That's An Interesting Prank

"We knew a couple 'weird' kids in my high school class and in college.

One high school classmate snuck up behind his slightly less weird friend and licked him on the back of the ear. Several other people saw this, including myself and our chemistry teacher. We were all gathered together around the teacher's desk. It was supposed to be some kind of prank, but it was just... strange, and in full view of everyone except his friend. Our chem teacher's response, 'Umm... what was that?'

In college, I knew a guy who was, by his own admission, born and raised in Connecticut. He later tried to convince me and a few other people that he was a Malaysian-born prince, that he had a natural (and really fake sounding) British accent, and that he was a professional voice actor. In the dining area after class one day, he gave a very passionate and loud demonstration of his voice acting abilities by impersonating, and I'm not joking, a Japanese hentai girl getting assaulted. Loud high-pitched moaning interspersed through Japanese words for 'stop' and 'no.'

Probably a dozen other people in the dining room stopped and stared while he did this. I buried my head in my backpack. My friend hid under the table. A couple of other dudes just straight up got and walked away.

It was surreal."

"Helps Me Handle My Business"
"Helps Me Handle My Business"

"There was a kid at my school that I wasn’t particularly close to but still knew ‘somewhat’ well. I remember being in science class one day, and he happened to go to the restroom during class and happened to be gone for quite some time. Normally, this wouldn’t be an issue but I remember really having to go that day. So I asked the teacher if I could use the restroom. She said yes but see if I can find the kid who went before me, since he’s taking a long time. I agreed and went on my way.

I arrived at the boys' bathroom to unleash Niagara Falls, only to be greeted by two bare feet poking out from one of the stalls on the grimy ground.

'Hey there, is that you?' I ask.

Strained he replies, 'Yeah man.' '

Where are your shoes, dude?' I ask.

'I took them off, it reminds me of home and it helps me handle my business easier,' he replied

Needless to say, I stopped associating with him after that and forgot about him until right now."

A Legendary Battle
A Legendary Battle

"It was seventh grade, I'm in what was basically wood shop class. We have a substitute that day, and I have the misfortune of sitting across from the legendary warrior, Kyle. Kyle has managed to fashion himself a worthy weapon, a board with a nail in it, which he has taken to brandishing at anyone he deems a threat to his honor.

As a dastardly villain, no friend of tetanus, I decided to throw that thing away when he wasn't paying attention.

Oh boy.

Kyle lets forth a battle cry somewhere in the range of a soprano one, and literally jumps on my back, presumably attempting to rid the world of my vile presence. Unfortunately for our hero, I had seen The Princess Bride, and proceeded to give him the ol' Andre the Giant and smash him against the wall. His counter was to grapple my right leg like a child whose father is about to leave for war. Unfortunately again, I am not right-footed, and kicked our doomed champion in the face.

From there, he released his death drip, rolled under the nearest table, and proceeded to sob uncontrollably."

"The Gymnasium Erupted Into Cheering"
"The Gymnasium Erupted Into Cheering"

"Last October we were having a pep rally during my first year of high school (I was a freshman). Now usually, the people who lead the rallies would perform a set of games which requires a good amount of students to interact and participate in these games. In this case, the students played some game clearly inspired by cup pong.

Now here's where things get crazy. Right before the leaders of the rally went to take the set down, a senior took off his shoes for whatever reason, and sprints down the bleachers towards the table (note that the table still had the water-filled cups). This kid practically dive-rolls onto the freaking table, and into a few other students with water flying everywhere.

The gymnasium ERUPTED into cheering, while a few others, including me, witnessed the senior getting hauled off by the principal, who was clearly fuming. I later learned that not only was the senior suspended for the rest of the month, but he had to pay back the teacher who bought the table, which apparently broke."

The Teacher Didn't Listen
The Teacher Didn't Listen

"We were in Spanish class in High School. The weird kid has to go to the bathroom. Asks the teacher. The teacher says, 'No.'

The weird kid says, 'You don’t understand. I need to use the bathroom right now.'

Teacher still says no. What does weird kid do?

The weird kid stares right into the teacher’s eyes as he deliberately poops his pants. Whatever he ate for breakfast that morning was unholy.

When the smell hit, the kids started freaking out and ran out of the classroom. As I turned around before leaving the classroom, the kid who pooped his pants was still deadpan staring at the teacher."

"He Totally Killed It"
"He Totally Killed It"

"The weird kid in my elementary school was on the gymnastics team. He was short and a bit chubby, but pretty talented and flexible.

So one day the whole school (grades 5-8, probably 250 kids and teachers) is in the gym to watch the gymnastics team demonstrate their routines that they would be doing for an upcoming meet.

The weird kid does his solo routine and it's actually pretty good. At the climax of his performance, he goes into a handstand and then performs the splits... amazing move but at the very second his legs reach full split position, he rips the loudest (and wettest sounding to be honest) fart that I've ever heard. In the dead silence of a gym full of kids watching a solo gym routine, the fart decibel level was roughly equivalent to a bomb exploding.

The ENTIRE school, teachers included, immediately burst into laughter while the unfortunate kid ran out of the gym crying. It was one of the funniest moments of my whole life and I will never ever forget it.

I will also never ever forget weird kids' redemption. Fast-forward a few years later, and he goes to the same high school as me. At one of the big assemblies during the year, he did a solo martial arts routine again in front of the entire school. We were sort of chuckling as he went up to get started but he was SO incredible; he was throwing fire around, swinging swords, and doing much cooler martial arts versions of 'hi-ya' and 'banzai' at the top of his lungs. It really was amazing and he got a huge standing ovation from the whole school. High school can be awkward times for the best of us but he totally killed it."

An Interesting Group Of Kids
An Interesting Group Of Kids

"We had three weird kids in our high school. The first guy was not social at all, and the matter that he was the reincarnation of Jesus (literally he looked like Jesus) didn't help his mind state. He would jump up and down the stairs, randomly activate fire alarms on a monthly basis. He also had a notebook where he wrote down everybody he would kill one day. I was on the list, and I never spoke a word to him.

There was another kid in my class that licked his phone constantly like straight up covered his phone with a coat of saliva every time he wanted to use it..more disgusting than weird.

Last but not least, there was a couple in our school that were very open about their relationship. They would literally make love everywhere and would search for anybody to have a threesome with. It was insane how they weren't ashamed of anything. One time, I was sitting near them in the bus and she just started to suck his member in front of me.

Another time when the bus was empty, they straight-up slept with each other in the back of the bus. They were freaking wild."

"It Was So Funny, I Would Laugh To Myself"
"It Was So Funny, I Would Laugh To Myself"

"I went to the restroom, as I was going to class and didn’t hear my friends in the hallway telling me not to go since I had earphones on. As soon as I went in, I looked to my left to see if someone is using the urinal. There’s this big kid using the urinal, completely undressed. I slowly walked out of the bathroom and everyone was laughing at me, telling me I didn’t listen.

I couldn’t stop laughing about it for the entire day after that, and I thought it was so funny that I would laugh to myself in the middle of a class thinking about how ridiculous that was.

Imagine going to the restroom nonchalantly and you were greeted by someone not wearing any clothes using the urinal."

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