Spoiled people, no matter their age, are some of the worst people to deal with. We all just desperately want them to learn from their terrible behavior, but nothing seems to work. It's so satisfying when they have to deal with the results of their actions, which lead to many entertainingly outrageous tantrums within these stories. Content has been edited for clarity.

Awful Daughter And Worse Friend
Awful Daughter And Worse Friend

"This was a friend of mine from high school. She was filthy rich thanks to her step-dad. I'm just going to list a few of the things I remember about her. Her mom and step-dad asked her for permission if they could have a child together, and she told them no, because she wanted to be an only child. She constantly whined because her parents refused to move out of the master suite of their mansion. She felt that she deserved it because the attached walk-in closet and bathroom were bigger than hers. To reconcile this, she had her parents pay to redecorate her room every single year. She only wore designer clothes and would constantly make fun of people who couldn't afford to wear the same. She hated doing her homework so her mom and step-dad did all of it, including writing her papers and doing her school projects. She decided she wanted to be a model, so her parents paid for modeling school and dozens of photo-shoots. She wasn't ugly, but she was definitely not model material. She would brag to everyone that she was a model and talk about having another gig or photo-shoot, when in reality it was paid for by her parents. The worst one though was how she would write me long notes during class to dramatically pass to me in the hall. They would be filled with gossip and rumors she had heard about other people in the grade. They were honestly really messed up and could have been really damaging if somebody found one.

I went on vacation with her over spring break when we were in high school, because her parents had a beach house. Halfway through the trip, she got her period (not her first, just a normal period) and decided to give everybody, including me, the silent treatment. Whenever her parents tried to talk to her, she would scream at them or run away and slam the door. I asked her parents what was going on and they were just like, 'Oh, she got her period. She's always like this! You know how moody girls can get.'

Instead of getting mad at her for her behavior, they took her out for ice cream and bought her a bunch of clothes.

While I was sleeping, she went through my phone and saw a text I sent a camp friend of mine (who she had never met and who lived multiple states away) where I called her a monster for how she was acting towards her mom and stepdad while on the vacation. The next day, she refused to talk to me at all and wouldn't tell me why. In the middle of dinner with her parents, she announced that I had called her a monster over text message. And I was like, 'Well, you kind of are dude.'

My parents had to drive eight hours to come pick me up, as I was uninvited on the vacation.

When I got home from the vacation, if you could even call it that, her mom called my mom and accused me of stealing 'thousands of dollars worth of makeup and sunglasses.' My mom told her to get lost because she knew I didn't steal anything. I learned a few weeks later from a second unlucky soul who replaced me as her friend that they found all the missing items, but they never apologized.

She started dating a guy her second year of high school and would tell everyone it was purely because he was the wealthiest guy in our class. He wasn't a popular guy and was actually pretty nerdy, so I think he was just grateful to have a girlfriend. She sort of scared off all of her female friends so she hung out with him for the rest of high school.

Somehow she, her boyfriend, and I ended up at the same college together in a different state. She wanted to be a perfect sorority girl and needed her boyfriend to step it up, so she began molding him into a frat bro, and even changing his hair and clothes. She made him rush tons of frats. When he didn't get in any, she had her stepdad and her boyfriend's parents help fund the start of a new fraternity on campus. I still don't think it's an officially recognized fraternity, but they've been trying to get it validated for like three years. She had them declare her the 'fraternity sweetheart' which she would plaster all over social media, including in her bio's and stuff. It wasn't even a real fraternity!

As of this year, she and her boyfriend broke up because she was cheating on him, as well as scaring off all of his friends and being manipulative. He and I are actually good friends now, and I see him weekly at the coffee shop where I work. Her parents got divorced, so all that sweet step-dad money is going away. For the record, we are no longer friends. We were friends for a brief time during my freshman year of high school, but stopped being friends after the spring break incident."

Everything Came To A Screeching Halt
Everything Came To A Screeching Halt

"I went to high school in a very economically mixed area in New Jersey. There are areas that have insane amounts of money and others nearby are section 8 housing. So there were a bunch of kids that had a gilded perspective on reality. Most were not spoiled per se, but there were the outliers. The one that comes to mind is this kid in my class I'll call Tim. Tim always wore the most expensive designer clothes. He often showed off several thousand dollar watches. Junior year of high school, his father bought him a new BMW 6 series for getting a B in math. Since only his circle of cronies were impressed, he made his dad buy him a new Porsche. He would try to race people after school. Mainly seniors.

Well, he picked a fight with this one senior who was in my circle of friends. This other guy dressed goth and looked like one of the section 8 residents. He drove a beat up old Honda Civic. It all comes to a head, and they race down the straightest rode we have. My friend loses. At the rally point, he gets out and Tim is all in his face, talking smack about how he never had a chance. My friend ignores him and calls his mom. He talks for a little bit then hangs up and has the biggest grin on his face. He goes up to Tim to shake his hand and say good job, enjoy it while you can.

Fast-forward to two months. Tim is screaming and ranting at my friend. Most of it is cursing, but I pick up that Tim's father not only lost his job, but is being indited for fraud and embezzlement. As it turns out, my friend was from old money. He lived in one of the estates that's set so far back in the forest, that you don't know it's there. His mother pulled the strings and bough a majority share of Tim's father's company. She then had her people look through all the finances and noticed a huge discrepancy. She found out that not only was he misleading his investors, but was embezzling a ton of money. Tim's family's assets were seized or frozen, and they had nothing after his father was indited. They had to sell the cars, their house, and every asset just to make by. Tim's mom eventually got as job as an interior decorator, and they moved into the worst apartments in town.

I learned that day that there are two types of spoiled. Flashy 'in your face I'm better than you' spoiled, and 'forget you' spoiled."

She Was A Rotten Apple
She Was A Rotten Apple

"I was a student tech at our university, so I was usually helping with repairing a student's (and the occasional professor's) laptop or desktop. However, during a big sale, it was required that we helped freshman and their parents with buying computers from the student store. Now, we had two options at this point for students who chose to buy our laptops with a student discount. We had Dell Latitudes/Insprions, and we had Macbooks. A girl and a father walked in and she darted over to the Macbooks. She knew exactly which one she wanted. Her father told her that they didn't have the cash for the laptop, and at my recommendation, we settled on a Dell Latitude Laptop. I thought it would be an easy sale.

Well, the father and I did. The daughter did not agree with our opinion. She threw a tantrum right in the middle of the store, initially with hushed reservations which escalated to her loudly calling her father out. She was telling him how much of a good girl she was, and how much of a bad father he was because he wouldn't buy her things like her mother always did, and how he was RUINING HER LIFE. Because she would be unpopular if she didn't have a MacBook. The father then said he was stepping out for five minutes, at which point she began asking random customers to help defend her, all of them looked at her like she was crazy, one even told her that they'd buy the dell laptop from her for fifty bucks minus retail, others said they'd be happy to get any laptop for free, and she should be too, that their parents never helped them through college. When the father came back, they continued fighting, and he left once again, telling her she was not getting the MacBook. She left a minute or so later.

Fifteen minutes later, she came to the register where I was at, and asked for a MacBook Pro. When I plopped down the box, her eyes widened. I took the card out of her hand, and examined it. It was obviously the Father's card. I asked for ID and did the usual policy for high-end purchases. Because it was not her card, I declined the sale. She gave me every excuse in the book, oh he's outside, dad gave me the card, blah blah blah. None of it stuck and I refused the sale, explaining the situation to the store manager, who had seen the entire thing and confirmed it. The father, confident where his daughter was, came storming in a few seconds later.

He asked her what happened. I told him exactly what had happened, and she gave me extremely dirty look as I handed back the card. She had stolen the card from the backpack the father was carrying their stuff in. She turned quickly and begged for the dell laptop, but the father refused anything, saying he had a much better punishment. We all laughed and cringed. Others in the line chuckled.

I saw her two months later and she scowled at me. She had to use the lab computers for everything for an entire semester as punishment. I laughed, and walked back to my desk."

She Deserves A Raise
She Deserves A Raise

"My boss's kids, who I used to babysit, were the definition of spoiled, privileged, and sheltered children. The family had their own private plane, took multiple ski trips throughout the year, and went to an expensive private school.

One time when I was driving them home from school, the little brother asked the older brother to share his snack. The older brother gave him about 1/4 of his granola bar. The little brother rolls his eyes and goes, 'That's it? Give me some more!'

The older brother refused and the two of them started bickering. I figured this was normal sibling bickering, until the little brother rolls down the window and throws the granola bar out onto the streets. I was so shocked to see him waste perfectly good food and asked him why he did that. He said, 'Because if I'm not going to have the whole bar, I don't want any.'

Now, I know it wasn't my place as a babysitter to give them a lecture about morals, but I couldn't help but to scold him for wasting food that someone could've needed. I told him there are people starving and would've loved to eat that granola bar and we shouldn't take food for granted. He just shrugged and said, 'not my problem.'

So glad I don't have to deal with their attitude anymore."

Drowning In Spoiled Brats
Drowning In Spoiled Brats

"I teach kids how to swim at my local Jewish Community Center. I have one particular student who hated going to swim class, and made it loudly known that he’d rather be anywhere but there. He’s only like 5, but his behavior was completely unacceptable. His father would often bring him to my class and say in this baby-talk voice, '[my son] doesn’t have to swim today, but he has to watch and listen.'

This father shelled out at LEAST $200 to put his kid in my swim class every weekend for the next month. And you’re telling your kid that he doesn’t have to swim? In my swim class? Absolutely not. I’d nod my head, but force the kid to do it anyways. Little gremlin would roll his eyes at me, look anywhere but me, plug his ears when I talked, etc. These kids literally don’t have to do anything but let me hold them in streamline position and kick their feet. But it was the worst thing ever to this kid. He’s complaining and always rolling his eyes. It got to a point where I wanted to put him on time-out for the rest of class, but I knew that’s what he wanted, so I continued to force him to finish his lesson. Thankfully, he hasn’t returned to my class since.

Another student is an older girl in one of our upper level classes. Absolutely spoiled. Literally uses me as a chair and foot stool so she can adjust her goggles in the water, kicks me repeatedly in the stomach and says it was an accident, despite her evil grin, manipulates her classmates into doing what she wants, continuously doesn’t listen and talks over me as I do, and spits water at my face. She has called me a cow, a pig, a fatty, and insulted other kids. She’s pushed her way in front of me in line for the single stall bathroom and screamed at me when I told her I was in line before her. She’s messed with my boss’s check-in desk, left it a mess, and then ran away when asked to put everything back the way she found it. And her mother does nothing. I’ve never spoken a word to or come face to face with that woman because she avoids me.

If I had behaved the way this girl does when I was a child, my mother would’ve screamed at me in public and then made me apologize to everyone in the room. I genuinely hate this child, but I pity her and her mother, and hope I never work with them again."

Raising A Monster
Raising A Monster

"My sister-in-law is literally the biggest pushover, to the point of endangering her child. There are several examples I can think of off the top of my head, so I'll try to put them in escalating order here.

So, it's holiday time, and my husband's parents celebrate Christmas. So we're going through our stockings, and one of the things everyone gets is a package of candy. Apparently, my sister-in-law's 2-year-old daughter (let's call her Claudia) doesn't like the candy she was given. So Claudia throws a tantrum, and SIL asks my husband to give Claudia his candy. Mind you, my husband might be approaching 30, but he loves candy. He tells his SIL no, and then SIL starts to throw a mild fit. She pouts and mumbles about how it's not fair and that 'we should be ashamed of ourselves for being greedy'.

Okay. I'm not even going to mention the irony here. So, my candy is chilling in my lap, and Claudia marches up and steals it, rips the packaging open, and starts eating mine. My husband takes it from her, which throws her into a brand new blind rage, screaming, kicking, and knocking over the coffee table, spilling everything on it. Again, my husband and I are berated for taking candy from her child. Mind you, the entire family watches this, and says nothing. But, I just give up, and let her have the candy because, well, I'm not really a candy person anyways.

Here comes Easter. Claudia is 3 now. Her grandma got her this remote controlled jeep for her to ride in. They tell her that they will open it after dinner, and that she needs to eat first. Claudia throws yet another fit. They make her a plate, sit her down at the table, and she swipes the entire plate off the table, onto the ground, screaming. So what do they do? They skip dinner and open her toy. Then, once it's all open and assembled, SIL throws a fit. Why? Because the car requires her to drive it with the remote control. She said she wanted something that Claudia could play with by herself. SIL pouts the rest of the night, while Claudia's grandma plays with her and the car.

Little context for this one. My husband and I have birthdays that are very close together, so we do a mutual celebration of our birthdays with my family, and then one with his. This puts us at his mom's house, where my husband had my birthday gift sent. He sits me down on the couch to let me open it, and it's a package from Lush. (For those that might not know, lush sells soaps and cosmetics). Inside this package came with a little sample of a mystery substance. The sample looks like a dollar coin sized piece of red Play-doh stuck between two clear plastic sheets. It's not labeled, doesn't come with any explanation of what it is. When Claudia see it, she immediately snatches it from my hand and puts it straight into her mouth, and runs away. Being a sane human being, I follow her and take it away because, y'know, you shouldn't let children eat mystery substances. It's a no-no. So naturally, she throws a kicking screaming fit. I tell her that I just need to find out what it is before she can have it back. Upon my reentry into the living room, I am berated by my MIL. 'You can't just take toys from children!' she yelled at me. I tried explaining that I have zero clue what it is, and that it's incredibly irresponsible to just hand children possibly toxic things to put into their mouths. I got about halfway through my speech when she stops me and says, 'It's clearly candy. Why else would they make it look like Play-Doh?'

Never mind that it came from a company with zero products marketed to children. So I scour the website, and finally find a listing for the substance. It was part of a shampoo bar. When I told MIL that it was shampoo, she snatched it out of my hand, and said, 'Well you didn't have to be so rude to her,' and handed it back to Claudia. Never mind that it was part of my gift.

So Thanksgiving rolls around. Were back at MIL's house. Everything was going well enough, when Claudia finds my bag, with my keys attached to it via a climbing clip. My keys happened to have a box knife on them. Claudia manages to remove my keys, and starts to play with the box knife. As soon as I realize what is happening, I jump up, and snatch the keys from her hands, which are miraculously unharmed. And, being a 2-year-old, Claudia starts to cry. I apologize, and explain that my keys could hurt her, and that I'm not a big old meanie, but SIL was not having any of it. She snatched her child up, and screamed herself red in the face. 'YOU MADE HER CRY. WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU DO THAT? I WILL NOT TOLERATE THIS KIND OF TREATMENT FOR MY CHILD!' and some other stuff that has faded with time.

Fighting back tears, I try to explain that my keys have a razor blade on them, and that they could seriously hurt her. MIL interrupts with, 'This is Claudia's house, and you will respect her while you are in it.'

I try again to explain the danger of a razor blade to a child, and SIL informs me that nothing would have happened, since she was watching her child, meaning that she was aware that her 2-year-old was playing with a knife. Great. So she asks me, 'Well are you going to give the keys back?'

Nope! Why would I? I politely decline, and everyone else more or less drops the topic, until were leaving. We're walking down the driveway to leave, when MIL comes outside to tell me that I have been incredibly disrespectful twice in her home (This is less than a month after the birthday incident), and that before I come back, I need to learn my manners, and that if I cannot respect Claudia that I am not welcome in her home.

It terrifies me that they have absolutely no concern for this child's well-being. They are completely oblivious to potential danger to this child, and no one has butted in about it. It's not Claudia's fault and I'm not blaming her, because she is most certainly a victim in this situation, but I do worry about how she will behave when she gets older."

Setting Her Up For Failure
Setting Her Up For Failure

"I was at a friends house who has two little girls, about 7 and 2, and it was around Christmas time. My friend also had a few other friends over, who had brought Christmas presents for the two girls. The 7-year-old opened one of the presents (a mermaid puzzle and a book), and started crying because she didn’t like the gift. My friend, the mom, tried to console her, but she continued having a tantrum.

So the mom then asks the friend who brought the present if she wouldn’t mind getting her something different, because the daughter didn’t like what she got. The friend looked pretty uncomfortable, but agreed she would consider taking the presents back in exchange for something else. The mom said her daughter really wanted an American girl pony, much more expensive than the two presents the friend originally bought.

Mom then proceeds to leave the house to go buy this pony for her daughter. Mind you, mom’s friends were from out of town visiting, and she just randomly leaves to get her daughter this pony because she’s still throwing a tantrum. Mom comes back, and has the friend give her daughter the new toy."

Mama's Boy
Mama's Boy

"I grew up and live in rural America, so what we have for spoiled tends to differ from bigger city spoiled. For example, when my dad was young, he was (in his own words) 'spoiled'. He had a lot of toys, but he also worked hard everyday on the farm. With that in mind, I had never met anybody truly spoiled until I met Billy.

Billy fit the definition of spoiled kid, even though he was 25 years old. Billy was a co-worker of mine for about a year. If I recall correctly Billy's grandfather was a very successful farmer who had made a lot of money and his dad had become wealthy working in software before taking over the family farm. Billy was almost oblivious to how the middle class lived. Everything had been handed to him for so long it was all he knew.

For Christmas, Billy said he always got $1,000 cash to go along with what ever gifts he got, on the Christmas he worked with me he got a $3,000 dollar couch as well as one thousand dollars from his parents. Billy also had a trust fund set up that would pay for his rent and utilities as long as he was enrolled in a secondary education. He took advantage of this by taking online classes and working full time (Billy may have been spoiled, but he was still a hard worker). Since he worked full time and had no bills, he was able to spend his money freely. In the year I worked with him, he owned three different pickup trucks. Sadly, he was also taken advantage of by women he thought were his 'girlfriends', but they were only his girlfriend when he bought them things.

Billy was placed on house arrest for about a month due to some driving offenses. He was allowed to work, but he had to be home at a certain time every day. Once a week during his house arrest, his mom would make the one-hour drive from her place to his to buy him groceries, fix him meals, and do his laundry for him. For him, that was normal. In his mind, his house arrest wasn't his fault, but the fault of the cops that arrested him.

He'd often have temper tantrums if things weren't going right for him. A grown man having a temper tantrum is sad, but a grown man having a temper tantrum while holding a dead blow hammer is scary."

Those Poor Moms!
Those Poor Moms!

"I have a classmate in school that was by far the most spoiled and annoying kid I had ever met. We'll call him Jeff. Here's a list of all the annoying atrocities this kid did. Jeff once threw a temper tantrum because I was in front of him for the lunch line. He was told to be quiet by a teacher, before telling me that he'd pay me $20 if I allowed him to go up in the line, an offer I thankfully turned down. Despite being of South Asian descent, he never had Indian food. He always badmouthed it and called it 'unhealthy', even though he was borderline obese. Probably his most annoying feat was when he visited my friends house and threw away an entire plate of curry and rice, loudly stating it was garbage in front of my friend's parents. He was kicked out while trying to order some pizza from his phone.

Once Jeff broke his Samsung Galaxy because his parents didn't get him the 'better model' of the S8. He had loads of money and a Gucci wallet, but always ended up getting in fights with other kids because he never paid them back for the food and goods that he made them give him. He always wore designer brands and bragged about it to other kids, only to throw them away the following week. The ones he did keep were often stolen or thrown away by upset kids.

Jeff was suspended for sending lewd pictures to a classmate's mom. This classmate was super upset and decided to exact revenge on this spoiled brat. So one day at lunch, my classmate asks this kid for his iPad, saying that he needed to submit an assignment online. The spoiled kid agreed and allowed him to use it. Immediately, my classmate went to the kids messaging app and tried to send inappropriate photos to Jeff's mom. Except it wasn't Jeff's mom.

It was a person who worked at Jeff's mom's boss. My classmate didn't realize his mistake until Jeff started yelling at him. Both of them had a shouting match until Jeff was breaking down, with snot and tears streaking down his face. I saw the entire thing unravel while eating a grilled cheese sandwich. Pretty entertaining. It ended with my classmate being suspended, but he later said that Jeff started the fight by sending such awful things to the classmate's own mom, which led to both of them getting suspensions."

In Desperate Need Of Some Manners
In Desperate Need Of Some Manners

"It's my own children. But I’m working on it. When my youngest was 4, we were at an end of school party. The kids played in the playground, while the adults drank and planned out future play dates. It started getting late, and I said something along the lines of, 'I’ll probably book an Uber home.'

I live in a city with trams, and I lived a little distance away from my home tram stop, so I was just thinking out loud. Well, my kid heard me and got excited. Couple of hours later we are ready to go home and I tell the kids we need to go grab the tram. My 4-year-old had a full-blown melt down screaming, 'I WANT TO CATCH AN UBER!'

Every person on the tram stared while I tried to reason with her, to no avail.

This other event happened more recently. We were driving to Tuscany with a stop in Milan, but we got stuck in traffic and were hours later than expected. At 9 p.m., I got a call from Airbnb, saying that my accommodation had been cancelled. It was late, and we had nowhere to stay. Airbnb tried to find something but it wasn’t looking good. I ended up going online and seeing there was a motel type place on the edge of town, it was fine, so I booked it. I just had my fingers crossed it was clean and safe. When we arrived, it was a little dodgy. My oldest daughter (9) started to have a fit. 'This Place is only 3 Stars, we can’t stay here, it’s dirty, it’s gross, I’ll get bedbugs, and I’ll never be able to sleep!'

This went on and on. The place was fine, it was clean and we slept well, after an hour of her sobbing about how life wasn’t fair.

I’m working on both my children to instill gratitude in their very privileged lives. Our problem of spoiled bratiness came after going from a life of paycheck to paycheck and living in an okay area in a council house, to living with no debt in one of the richest countries in the world."

Why Was He So Brutal?
Why Was He So Brutal?

"Back in my waitress days, I worked at a resort. We had a special system that allowed our very small kitchen to push out about 150 dinners in an hour. Basically, it was all-line style, with 4 set entrée choices per night, plus a few basic kids options. Well, this one kid (maybe about 10 or 11) at one of my tables wanted none of that and demanded scrambled eggs for dinner. The parents seemed nice, and I was a good waitress, so I ask the kitchen if this could be done. Kitchen goes out of their way to get a frying pan and make scrambled eggs for this kid, during a very busy dinner service.

Now, there were other tables in the dining room, so it was going to take a bit of time to get them fed. Food was taking average amount of time. As I'm clearing salad plates from the table, the kid (playing his Game Boy and scowling) loudly declares, 'Geez, how long does it take to make scrambled eggs?!' When I finally deliver his plate a few minutes later, he exclaims, 'UGH, finally!'

The weirdest thing about it was that every other person in that family was absolutely lovely. Don't know how he got to be such a little turd."

Cut That Family Off!
Cut That Family Off!

"My husband and I moved to a new city and spent a lot of time with his gal pal from high school. She had a toddler son who was absolutely atrocious. She threatened him with punishment all the time for his behavior, but never followed through. We would often meet her for dinner, where he would throw a tantrum, and she’d say, 'If you keep acting like that, we’re leaving.'

He kept acting up, but she never left with him.

She had him with a live-in partner who is Cuban and grew up with a 'Cuban boys should be treated like gods' mentality. One time we saw her get upset with the kid for throwing a toy at her head, only to see the kid’s dad yell at her, 'No! You shouldn’t have given him that toy! Now YOU apologize to HIM!' The kid was in a stroller until he was 5 because he couldn’t be trusted not to run off into traffic when they were out in public.

The last time we hung out with them, we went mini-golfing. Each time one of us hit our ball, he would snatch it and throw it across the course. I wisened up to this and immediately went to pick up my ball for safekeeping after I hit it. As I was picking it up, he tried to grab it out of my hand and fell over lightly. He laid on the ground, pounding his fists and crying. His parents looked at me like I was the monster. We ended up limiting our time with them as a result of the kid’s bad behavior."

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