High school is an interesting time period. Everyone has had an interesting high school moment, whether it be from sports, academics, or from friends. Although, sometimes these moments are not as innocent as some might believe.

People on Reddit share the infamous incident that took place at their high school. Content has been edited for clarity.

"See For Yourself"

"In 8th grade, my science teacher invited his brother to come speak to our class. Being an actual rocket scientist, he brought with him and demonstrated different types of fuel used to power rockets. All of it was different types of solid fuel. The nearest one looking like a coil of plastic. My teacher had what looked like a black rock with an almost neon and semi clear looking chunks of what I assumed was another type of plastic all over it. When I asked what it was, in between the demonstrations of burning fuel, he told us it was a chunk of solid fuel he had as a Souvenir from his own days at NASA.

Fast-forward to the next day and we are all waiting on class to end, and waiting on our teacher to come back so we can leave. While waiting, one of my buddies, who was absent the day before, asks 'What the heck is the big black rock on Mr. Denny’s desk?'

So, I tell him what he missed and explain the rocket fuel. He says 'No way!'

I say, not expecting him to be dumb enough to do it, 'Well, take your lighter to it and see for yourself.'

He pulls his lighter out and proceeds to try to light it. At first nothing really happened but after a couple seconds it begins to kind of burn. Almost like a partially wet firework. He says 'Oh no,' with a grin on his face and tries to blow it out.

It did, but sparked right back up after literally sparking in a similar fashion to a lighter being sparked, and he panics. He picks up the rock and tries to put it out by rubbing it on his jeans and it has no effect. He drops it back on the desk in a panicked motion because at this point it is really starting to go. It was shooting out a beautiful greenish blue flame. It was almost blowtorch-like in the way it was coming off the spot he touched the flame to it. The flames become more intense, and it actually begins to spin due to the force. We all back away from him and the teacher's desk, as it is really starting to get scary.

He noticed the grade book was starting to catch fire, so he swipes it off the desk and into the floor. There, it starts to resemble one of those fireworks that, when lit, spins really fast and takes off. We all panicked and ran out of the room right as the teacher was running back down the hall. At this point, the entire hallway was full of smoke. When it was all over, it had burned so hot that it destroyed the tile floor all the way down to concrete.

The next day, we were all told that had the fuel not been over 50 years old it would have just exploded and probably killed at least half of us. The teacher ended up losing his job and my buddy was expelled."

"He Just Had To Stop"

"At the end of the day, there was a police car at the front of the school. Someone said they saw a kid get arrested when they went to the washroom. When I walked outside, both a cop and the principal were standing at both back passenger windows talking to someone inside. We all just assumed that someone was getting arrested for selling an illegal substance or something.

The next day, my homeroom teacher told us between 3rd and 4th period, a former student who was about 20 years old blended in with students and snuck into the school hallways. He wandered through the hallways, stealing from unlocked lockers and actually stole about 10 laptops from teachers classrooms somehow.

They ended up catching him at the Tim Horton’s down the road. Not sure what’s going to happen to him, but someone said his mom was his get away vehicle a couple blocks down the road, he just had to stop at Timmy’s first."

"Please, Just Stop"

"One time this kid, I was friends with brought this hot sauce called Da Bomb (1.5million scoville units, hotter than heck) to high school and let a bunch of kids try it during lunch, I mean at least 30 kids. Some kids really started freaking out because that sauce is ridiculously hot, like you’re supposed to add one or two drops to a big batch of chili to make it spicy. Some were trying to show off and took a swig of it, and ended up vomiting everywhere from the heat/panic.

Multiple kids had to go to the nurse and be sent home because they way overdid it. Although I think most just really had no idea what a scoville unit was or that they made hot sauce that was that ridiculously hot. It was chaos. I tried it as well, a dime size amount, and I couldn’t concentrate on anything but chugging milk. And I’m good with spicy foods!

Finally, the principal came on the intercom and said 'Whoever brought the hot sauce please, just stop.'

My friend got into some pretty big trouble for that one."

"He'd Just Kind Of Lost It"

"I was a teacher, and a very good kid just got pushed to his limit by a bully teacher (had been bullied by this guy for a couple of years; never did find out what was up with that).

So bully teacher says something to the kid, he runs out to his car, grabs a crowbar and comes in smashing all the glass he encountered (it was safety glass, but lots of shards anyway). Tries to go after the teacher to kill him. He got trapped in the library (the classroom was located in a small classroom off the library), and I was right next door, keeping kids in their seats and unable to go to the bathroom for about 90 minutes. Cops began arriving from all directions since we were right off two state highways. State cops, canine cops, etc. Kid destroyed all the beautiful 1940's oak shelving, teacher's desk, anything that would break. His mom shows up and disarms him. Kid gets slammed on a stretcher and hauled off to the nearby AFB, where his dad worked.

Not sure exactly what all happened there, but he got a lifetime ban from being at the high school and a serious restraining order from ever contacting or being near the bully teacher.

I liked the kid, never had once tiny bit of trouble with him. Saw him a couple of months later and asked him to please tell me if he was ever mad at me. He laughed.

Kid was diagnosed with intermittent explosive disorder. Went on to be a good adult. He'd just kind of lost it that day."

"They Thought It Was Hilarious"

"Shortly after Columbine, I found a note taped in public space of my high school that said there would be a shooting and a date. A friend and I turned it in and we were both interviewed by police, separately, and without our parents in attendance. It was very intimidating and pretty scary at the time.

It later turned out the note was a joke written by someone we knew. They thought it was hilarious, and left it in an out of the spot thinking no one would take it seriously but everyone did. That person got in significant trouble, but no one really blamed the guy in the long run. He was a likable person and as awful of a joke as it was, people gave him a pass on it after a while. He was pretty popular.

Because I found the note though I got shunned hard core. I became the guy that got the popular and liked dude in trouble. I was pretty much ostracized for the rest of my senior year even though I wasn't even the person that turned him in. All I did was find the note.

So, pretty big, memorable moment for the school and a terrible one for me."

"I Never Saw This Girl Again"

"There was this girl that was a punching bag for reasons I still can't understand. She was cute, better than average looking, if anyone would talk to her she was completely normal, she had no weird flaw or anything but she was the generation's punching bag. I had considered her to be my friend and spent time with her at any break etc just so she's not alone. She was a simple normal girl. Apart from us hanging out during the breaks, after school she would run out at the speed of light as people liked to mess with her after school, so I knew nothing about her outside school, and she was not very open when I asked.

There was this one guy, a lost cause since he was born probably. He looked like an ill rodent, and whenever he would not be skipping entire days he would skip classes to smoke pot and loot things from stores. One day he decided to sneak attack the said girl during recess. I tried to get him to stop, but I had no influence on anything that was going on ever. His pinhead horde of friends would go on to cheer him on as if he was doing something heroic. As the girl approached and passed by him, he turned around, ran and punched her in the back of the head, she fell down face first and he jumped on her pulling her hair etc, she was screaming and quite quickly a professor came and threw him off her, she ran into the toilets and we were all sent away.

Her parents came to school, but the police never did. According to some girls, the toilets were full of blood. The rat was merely suspended and not long after his home was raided by the police. A metric of police for possession of hard substances apparently. At least that's what my peers were saying, I don't know how a broke scumbag kid in his mid/late teens would have the funds to get hard narcotics, and his parents were apparently shocked to find this out.

I never saw this girl again; she swapped schools, according to the teachers she was from then on using the last name of her other parent as well.

I have asked a few people if anyone knows what happened to her since, and nobody knows, people just shrug at her mention. I don't blame her for disappearing, of course, even though I missed her, I hope that where ever she left to she found some peace. But to this day I still do not understand the near complete lack of empathy towards this poor girl from the vast majority of my generational peers."

"We Were Going Absolutely Nuts"

"During my senior year, the biggest fight of my school career broke out in one of the main hallways during class change. I don't think a single student in attendance that afternoon wasn't packed like a sardine somewhere in that hall. We were going absolutely nuts; jumping, screaming, chanting 'FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT.'

Riot mode at this point, really. It was impossible to see who was fighting, much less break it up or make your way through. Principal realized that fairly quickly and called the police to send help. About 10-15 minutes later, 10 officers show up and bust through the crowd within seconds only to find 2 students sitting crisscross on the floor playing a few rounds of Rock em Sock em robots. Senior prank of the century... absolutely hilarious and 100% safely executed. Quality senior prank!"

"No One Knows Why"

"At my high school, seniors had to do a senior project. Can be anything really. Just plan it out and follow through.

A very popular and well liked senior made an end of day announcement that tomorrow morning he'd be in the student parking lot working on it, and needs as many other folks there as possible.

The next day he drives into the student parking lot, set up a tripod and a camera. A large crowd gathered round, just about 30 minutes before the first bell. He hit record, thanks everyone for showing. Then he reached into his car pulled out a load weapon and killed himself before anyone could react.

No one knows why. He was a great guy with a bright future. Never know what struggles others are going through. I think about it frequently and take that into consideration to try to be nice to others with random acts of kindness."

"It Blew Our Minds"

"I grew up in a small town, small school district. My graduating class had 63 kids. My brother was a year older than me. There was a guy in his grade, let’s say his name was 'Brad.' My brother saves Brads life one day in football practice. My brother was the student athletic trainer, and insisted that Brad was too hot to continue practice even though the awful coach thought Brad could continue. We grew up with Brad. We’d known him our whole life. I was a sophomore, my brother and Brad were juniors.

Later that year, Brad and his girlfriend broke up and he started dating another girl. Apparently she was jealous of the ex and Brad decided that to make her happy, he had to go and kill his ex. He literally cut her heart out. This girls little sister (8th grade) was upstairs on the phone with her best friend (it was the 90’s) and he goes up and strangles the little sister. Their mom was a nurse and she was at work. The best friend heard the whole murder over the phone. Police are sent to the house and they find the girls dead. They go to find the mom and stop her on the road before she gets home to tell her she just lost both of her kids. I don’t remember if she was divorced or widowed.

Brad turned himself in and is currently serving a life sentence. I think he was high when he did it, but I’m not sure. It blew our minds. I’d known him since kindergarten. I literally walked by his house almost daily because it was on the way to my grandparents house."

"It Turned Into A Huge Mess"

"At the end of first hour, principal came over the announcement system and stated that someone found something in a toilet, but that it was ok. Of course, that just started the rumor mill. People said all sorts of things, like they found a loaded weapon, a machete, and hand grenades (why?). So of course, in the age of instant communication, a bunch of students sent texts to their parents saying they were scared and wanted to go home (my bet is half of them just wanted to go home and found a good excuse).

So throughout the day, the building was essentially evacuated, minus maybe 100 students (me included) out of the normal 700 we usually have. Students were still texting each other, furthering the rumors. At the end of the day, the common consensus was that three or four .22 bullets were found in the tank of the bathroom. This was later confirmed by the police. The only thing is, .22 bullets are very small bullets mainly used for target shooting or hunting of small game such as squirrels or small birds. Not exactly what you'd use to kill someone. My guess is that what happened was someone was target shooting over the weekend and put the remaining bullets in their pocket, and found them again that morning. Fearing the backlash from the school, they dumped them in the toilet. And, because a lot of the student body was uneducated on loaded weapons, they thought that there were 22 bullets (not 22 caliber) in the toilet, as if planted there for a school shooting.

So yeah. It basically turned into a huge mess. The thing is though, the school did exactly the right thing. As soon as the bullets were found, they called the police, police found nothing suspicious, and everything was ok. Maybe they should have said what they found, I don't really know. They did their best to quell the situation."

"Happened All In One Night"

"A kid from another high school got his friends together and cut down over 15 trees on campus, climbed to the second story of the school and spray painted happy birthday all over the windows and then spray painted 27 swastikas and countless members all over the school sidewalks as well as the stadium. And then lit a small swastika in the football field. Happened all in one night and caused well over a hundred thousand dollars in damages to the school. The motive? To impress his girlfriend.

The next year, the school almost burnt down from a fire and we weren’t allowed on campus due to the ash for a week as the cleaned it up.

Then there was the year the septic lines exploded during school.

And then there was the couple of times where someone lit fires in the air conditioning intake and smoked out the school. Which sucked because we were without cold air for a couple of weeks. And it was so humid it felt like it was going to rain inside the school. Because of the heat, they put giant containers of water out in the breezeways so students would be able to get water in between classes, but someone on the first day dump tons of ex lax in them and kinda ruined it for everyone."

"Took A Few For Everyone To Realize What Happened"

"In high school, my class got an 'A' on the state exams. As a reward the administration put on a dance during school hours for us. During this dance, a kid pooped in a white t-shirt and threw it into the middle of the dance floor. It was dimly lit in the gym, so it took a few minutes for everyone to realize what had happened. In which time, the shirt had been danced over and poop had tracked over a decent area of the gym floor.

Once people realized they were dancing in poop, chaos broke loose. Lights came up, and we all had to go back to our classrooms for the rest of the day. Kind of a let down, but as one of the people who wasn’t on the dance floor and got to watch the whole thing develop from the bleachers, I look back on the event rather fondly."

"All Heck Broke Lose"

"We had an overnight treat at a lake resort three hours away from school. Almost everyone had four people to a cabin (by gender), but there was one giant house in the middle that a group of girls took over. The girls and some guys, were in there all day, and it was a beautiful day. Most of the students were canoeing, fishing, or playing yard games, but that house had the curtains pulled and rarely anyone coming or going. Late afternoon, one of the teacher chaperones thought it was fishy and knocked on the door. When the door opened, all heck broke loose. Twenty-four students were sent home for smoking weed and drinking. Not all of those sent home were actually in that house, but they shared a smaller cabin with people that were and the chaperones found adult beverages in their cabins.

The bus took them all back the three hours, and they got out of school suspension. The principal's son, our class Vice President and a couple of track stars (that had a huge track meet the next day) were among those busted. The bus also, inadvertently, took all of the campfire snacks.

My youngest brother graduated 17 years after me. He was going on how stupid it was that they could only do a class picnic at a local park. I then told him why."

"It Made The Local news"

"Someone was setting all the popular kids’ cars on fire, and leaving playing cards at the scene. The cards had creepy messages written on them. This was during all The Dark Knight hype too, so everyone called the guy 'The Joker.'

Anyway, someone figured out that the kids being targeted were the nominations for King/Queen for our Valentines Dance. So then the rumor spread that The Joker was going to light the school on fire and lock everyone inside the gymnasium during the dance. The dance was cancelled.

Then the rumor was The Joker was going to shoot up the school on like Wednesday (I remember it being a random day of the week, so a long weekend was not the goal). The school had its lowest attendance record at around 30%. It made the local news!

Anyway, they eventually caught the guy doing it. He was some loser in his 20s who never got over high school and wanted revenge on the popular kids. It was a big sting too."

"He Was Just So Weird"

"When I was in high school, we went on a school camp in grade 10. The grade was divided into cabins that was predetermined by our house deans. In one cabin there was this guy that was the token weird guy of the grade. Always skipping everywhere, and constantly asking the teachers weird questions. Our entire grade nicknamed him 'G-man,' because he was just so weird, but everyone just accepted who he was. Luckily, I wasn’t in the same cabin as him when the incident happened.

On the first night of the camp he pooped in a mug and then stuck it in the microwave for about 10 seconds. Apparently, it stunk up the whole cabin, which was also right next to the teachers cabin. I remember hearing he also peed somewhere in the cabin, but the details I remember are a little hazy about that part. He was sent home early and was suspended for like two weeks, which I’m surprised about because I went to a prestigious high school. I’m also surprised that the hosts let our cohort go back the next year for a grade 11 camp. Unfortunately, no incidents happened that year."

"She Tried To Blame Me"

"We were assigned tasks each week (ie: raise the flag, do the hot lunches orders for the classes, mail, school banking) and these jobs were done in pairs. This put you with someone you didn't really know, it helped you make new friends and helped out the teachers with little things.

I was paired with a girl that really hated me (think rich family, cool clothes, lots of friends, the latest everything, I was the opposite), and it's only recently I realized she was a nasty bully who was never happy with what she had.

We were assigned to make the teachers morning tea this week. Put out biscuits, make a big pot of tea etc before 10.30am and we can have a few biscuits ourselves as a 'thank you.' With a lot of awkward coordination and awkward cooperation, we did this without a hitch for the first few days. On the Thursday she suggested we put ground black pepper in the teachers' teapot.

I was not a bad egg, never got detention or wagged and the thought of breaking the rules gave me a lot anxiety. But she did it and tried to blame me.

Turns out a teacher was allergic to pepper and went into anaphylactic shock."

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