"I play a LOT of video games. My friends aren’t really into online role-playing games that much. So I usually play those solo. Most those games revolve around Alliance/Guilds for maximum progression, so it’s imperative you join one. Across my 20+ Years of gaming, I have never not been put into a leadership/captain position in any of the Alliances/Guilds I have joined. Just based on my commitments, knowledge of said game, using said knowledge to help others, motivational capability, and decision making (in most cases having to cut/kick members, or dealing with toxicity).

They saw something in him

These random strangers who originally formed these Alliances see leadership capabilities in me, and in many cases have passed on the Leader role to me.

Now I’m not just talking about random Alliances/Guilds, they’re not casual in anyway, I’m talking Top 100, Top 50, and in some games Top 3 Alliances. Hardcore Alliances.

I never would have thought complete strangers on the internet would see me this way."