As fear of the coronavirus continues to spread throughout the United States, people are finding different ways to cope and entertain themselves. One popular way is to bring back some holiday cheer by displaying Christmas lights.

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A Sad Time

One of the most wonderful times of the year occurs in December. Christmas is a favorite holiday worldwide, for a number of reasons; gift giving and receiving, the songs, wrapping gifts, the cheesy movies, baking cookies, decorating Christmas trees with beautiful ornaments, and setting up lights outside. It's always a light bit sad to put everything away, as it means the holiday season is officially over. However, all across the United States, it seems as though Christmas has made a come back. All across neighbors, beautiful twinkling lights and Christmas decorations can be seen one again, according to an Elvis Duran article.

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Look On The Bright Side

As the Coronavirus spreads across the country and more people are practicing social distancing, it's tough to look on the bright side of things. Schools, stores, restaurants and businesses everywhere are closing, with some people forced to work remotely. With everything going on, it can be a bit hard to remain positive. That is, until Twitter users starting tweeting out they were putting up their Christmas lights and decorations. It's a fun and easy activity to do, especially to shave off the boredom of being stuck in side all day. Nothing like a little holiday cheer to brighten up people's moods, right?

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When It Began

These Tweets been surfacing around March 14th, 2020. Twitter user @axelmartinezSu posted a tweet saying he was considering pulling up his Christmas decorations and redecorating once more.

"We all need some happiness," the tweet concludes. After all, the best way for one to make themselves happy is to surround themselves with things that bring them joy. Considering Christmas is one of the happiest times of the year, it makes perfect sense to pull out the lights!

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Brightening People's Days

People are delighted to see the return of the beautiful lights, and are encouraged to put up their own. This in turn offers up another activity for parents dealing with bored children; driving around and seeing all the decorations. In doing so, this also practices social distancing.

People are taking to Twitter to share their own Christmas lights photos, and how people are reacting to them. Twitter user @LisaStRegis tweeted out about how one of her friends had an elderly neighbor come to her doorstep, and requested she turn her lights on.

"There's so much darkness and scariness now," the tweet reads. "There are bright dancing Christmas lights now on in [her] neighborhood."

A hashtag, #coronakindess, is being used to classify the Christmas lights photos.

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People Are Joining In

"My youngest son was bored today and said, 'Can we put Christmas lights on our tree outside to cheer us up?' Twitter user @rhodyknowsbest said from Rhode Island. A photo of their gorgeous light display was attached, helping brighten up their neighborhood during this dark time.

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A nice gesture

In the midst of such a scary time, it's always nice to see people come together to help literally brighten up their day. When people come together and do something kind, no matter how big or small it is, it can really make a difference. So, venture down into the basement, grab that box labeled "Christmas Decorations" and get to decorating!