One of the greatest delicacies as a child is the McDonald's Happy Meal. For kids, this smiley face box, with the beloved golden arches handles is sure to being happiness to all. Whether you get a cheeseburger or nuggets, you can't go wrong, and it even comes with a toy. Nothing could be better, but have you ever wanted something so bad you feel as if you have to have it?

For one little boy, his need was a McDonald's happy meal. Anthony Bonilla, a 911 dispatcher, picked up a call, and he couldn't believe what he heard. A five-year-old boy named Charlie Skabelund wanted to know if he was speaking to McDonald's. According to the call released by the City Of Mesa Police Department, Bonilla asked Charlie if there was an emergency. It was when Charlie replied and questioned, "Can I get one Mc-Happy Meal?" that really got them laughing. What happens next is truly so sweet.

After Charlie hung up the phone, police called back to report the so called "fast-food crisis". In an interview with Inside Edition, Kim Skabelund, Charlie's mom stated, "We were completely surprised, and a little embarrassed."

Soon enough though, an officer was at their door. Officer Valdez was dispatched to the Skabelund's home, and when he arrived, he greeted young Charlie with a happy meal. Kim told TODAY Parents, "Officer Valdez was really sweet and went over the rules with Charlie about when you’re supposed to call 911. He explained how if he’s busy bringing Happy Meals to kids, he can’t help people who really need him. He couldn't have been nicer." He wanted Charlie to understand the true meaning of emergencies and just as you think this story can't get any sweeter, it does.

Kim told TODAY that when she looked into the Happy Meal- a cheeseburger with just ketchup- she realized Charlie had been ordering for his sister, Jadyn. She stated that Charlie strictly only eat chicken nuggets and that he's always looking out for Jadyn. This sweet boy got just what he wanted and learned valuable lesson in the process. Charlie knows now that he only calls 911 in emergencies.

This story went viral after the City Of Mesa Police Department posted a picture of Officer Valdez and Charlie on their Facebook. One person commented. "Awesome to see a PD turn this 'accident' into a learning moment with a treat, too! Thank you for caring." The full Inside Edition interview can be found below!