One would never expect to have a wild animal like a fox as their pet, but Jessica Coker not only has one but two foxes of her own named Juniper and Fig. Coker even has her own book out that details what it's like to raise sly, clever foxes.

Contrary to popular belief, she didn't get the foxes from the wild but instead adopted them because they're considered "Ranched Foxes," or foxes that are bred for their fur and are unable to be released into the wild due to their genetic difference and "tame" behaviors.

According to Coker, Juniper and Fig are complete opposites, leaving Juniper as the main star of her Instagram account. Juniper's happy smile and ability to follow directions easily make for some adorable photos and Instaworthy moments.

"It's raining, it's pouring. The sleepy fox is snoring"

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Juniper and Fig aren't the only furry animals to roam Coker's home. She also has Malamute mix named Moose, two sugar gliders and a few reptiles.

Behind every strong, independent fox is a stronger, gentle dog. ??

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But Juniper is definitely the queen of this household. Who could deny that cute smile?

Here's to many more years of seeing Juniper and her family's adorable faces.