The holiday season is finally here. With Thanksgiving around the corner and Christmas in under 50 days, people's spirit always need a little bucking up. The holiday season is time for giving especially to the people who are not fortunate enough to receive. It can be hard to get into the spirit sometimes with colder weather and budgets dwindling, but it’s important to be as kind as possible.

One group of people that are often forgotten during this time are the people fighting for our freedom. The people deployed in the military are across seas and thousands of miles away from their families. During this time, it’s important we remember them and do the best we can to support those who fight for us.

One 10-year old girl is doing a tremendous job supporting our troops and her goal to reach this Christmas is huge. This is a story great enough to warm anyone’s heart.

10-year old Sawyer Hendrickson, sometimes known as Miss Sawyer is dedicating her life and holiday season to supporting military and veterans.

Sawyer told Inside Edition, “Kids my age and people these days don’t really think about veterans and military people out there putting their lives on the line to protect our freedom and do what we do every day.”

She has made it her mission to take extra care of these individuals during the holiday season. Sawyer’s Stockings is her project. These are care packages wrapped in holiday-themed stockings and sent abroad to military men and women who are away from their families during the holidays.

According to Inside Edition, Sawyer started this project when she was just six years old after her older brother joined the Marine Corps. It started with just one to her brother and quickly spread to all. Since the start, she has sent over 25,000 stockings and hopes to send 10,000 this holiday season.

“We send cookies, we send our world-famous peanut butter brownies, rice Krispies, snack mix, chapstick,” Sawyer stated in the article.

To help put the packages together, she has a group she created of kids called “Sawyer’s Kids With A Cause.” The group helps with baking and stuffing the stocking and just about everything else the organization does. However, stuffing stockings is not all of what Sawyer’s non-profit organization does. The group also lays wreaths on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, paint “hero” rocks for soldiers and veterans and hosts fundraisers throughout the year to support her foundation.

That is one remarkable girl. To donate to the cause, visit their website or Facebook page.

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